Monday, July 26, 2021

"In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly"

"In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly"
by Jim Kunstler

"I’ll tell you what’s really funny: the new Sam Harris “Making Sense” podcast with Dr. Eric Topol, veep of Scripps Research. These two just can’t make sense of why the folks outside their Southern California smuggery bubble have any reservations about getting vaxed-up against Covid-19. It’s like a mental illness to them - all these selfish, Trump-driven, flag-smooching ignoramouses beyond the pale of Wokery, who are putting at risk their science-loving betters in the PhD hives of the New Normal, while that King Kong of Covid variants (code-name Delta) rages through the hillsides and canyons beneath Mullholland Drive. The insolence! Can’t these morons just follow simple instructions (available 24/7 at CNN)?

Okay, here’s why, Sam and Eric: Because every institution in American life has squandered its credibility in the service of a political program that seeks to destroy whatever used to be worth caring about in Western Civ, including free thought, free speech, free inquiry, free movement, truth, beauty, and the right to resist official coercion. Half the country has no trust in the government’s public health apparatus, led by the - shall we say - slippery Dr. Anthony Fauci. Should they believe NPR? The New York Times? CBS-News? Should they follow every bob and judder of Rachel Maddow’s Adam’s apple? Should they swallow every globule of obvious horse-shit served up by Jen Psaki?

Hey Sam and Eric, have you followed what went on in the US Department of Justice and the FBI the past five years, these supposed redoubts of rectitude? The manufactured “Russian Collusion” hoax? The official lying to FISA courts? The malicious prosecutions? The transparently seditious activities of CIA agent Eric Ciaramella & Co.? The hiding of Hunter Biden’s evidence-stuffed laptop? The enlistment of Facebook, Twitter, and Google in suppression of the news and censorship of opinion? Do you expect people to believe that the basement-haunting “Joe Biden” won an election with those slim victories in the Wokester-controlled, fraud-drenched city precincts of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit? Or that Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray wouldn’t lie about it?

Can you detect something a little off in those aforesaid federal law enforcement agencies allowing BLM and Antifa to destroy over a billion dollars in small business and a bunch of civic infrastructure at will, for months on end, while overcharging felonies on the three-hour US Capitol trespassers you label “insurrectionists?” Can you point out “the science” in the Drag Queen Reading Hour? Is it a sound idea to promote racism in the public schools? And to instruct US military recruits that their nation is, maybe, not worth defending?

And now you want to convince half the country subjected to this tyrannical mind-f**kery to get a poorly-tested mRNA vaccine that might provoke blood clots and organ damage? Against a disease apparently manufactured under the sponsorship of our own government? I have to tell you, Sam and Eric, that your expectations are bit out-of-synch with the march of events. That half of the country not in thrall to your narratives won’t submit to your supposedly superior powers of reasoning and your empathic, nurturing concern for their well-being. They are quite convinced, based on a shit-ton of evidence and lived experience, that they are being played by a degenerate regime not at all run in their interests… that lies to them reflexively and incessantly.

What’s more, they want their country back - a land of free speech, fair play, and settled principle, like the right to a speedy trial. And here’s something else to consider, Sam and Eric: if the regime that you support goes a step further, as is looking more likely day by day, and if it moves to make these mRNA vaccines mandatory, it is going to pull the pin that detonates a national grenade. And when that happens, you and your Woke-Jacobin confederates will be on the run for a change, worrying about your own cancellation and whether, perhaps, it will get a fair hearing. You have the right to hope so.

We are slip-sliding toward that terrible moment. And, you better remember that that this strife over Covid-19 is but one part of a much bigger picture of evolving national woe. Looming beyond this mere skirmish over public health is an economy that has sunk into uniform racketeering, the disgraceful mismanagement of government spending, the specter of a dying currency, the developing quandaries for our food supply, the probability of a market blowup that will bring down the pension system and destroy the notional wealth of millions, and the growing antagonism of foreign polities who resent our badly-discharged power around the world and sense our growing weakness."

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