Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"Clear Focus Ambient Space Music for Concentration - Isochronic Tones"

"Clear Focus Ambient Space Music for Concentration - 
Isochronic Tones"
by Jason Lewis - Mind Amend

"Ambient electronic space music with low-intensity beta and alpha wave tones for clear focus. Headphones are NOT required for this video. You can listen to this track with your eyes open while studying, reading or doing other activities which require a good level of concentration.

This is a brainwave entrainment music track using isochronic tones combined with music. The music has also been embedded with amplitude entrainment effects, where the music is subtly distorted and vibrates in unison with the same frequency of the isochronic tones. This helps to add further strength to the entrainment effect. If brainwave entrainment is a new concept for you, there is some information about it here:
This works, as simple as that, and might give you an understanding edge in surviving what's happening, which will get much, much worse. There is no escape. Prepare yourself... - CP

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