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Greg Hunter, "Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle"

"Third of Global Population Killed in Next War Cycle – Charles Nenner"
By Greg Hunter’s

"Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his analysis shows the world will start a huge war cycle by 2023. This type of war is similar to WWII but much bigger. Nenner explains, “The cycle work I do on wars starts at the Mandarin Empire 3,000 years before Jesus came into this world. The long cycle only picks up the big wars. Wars in Korea and Iraq do not show up. So, I say the big War Cycle is up, and this is going to be a big war because the small ones don’t even show up. So, I am very worried. There was a Jewish prophet that once said, ‘The last war is going to take 8 minutes.’ Nobody took this serious because how can a war last 8 minutes? Now we have an idea why a war can only take 8 minutes. Things could calm down in the short term this summer. Then, next year, it can start full force again, and the whole thing is very dangerous.”

How many casualties will there be in the next world war? Nenner estimates, “It’s very interesting how you calculate something like that. It’s the same way you calculate a cycle in IBM. When you see IBM going down, you can get an upside price target, which we have. You can do the same thing on the war cycle. About one third of the population is not going to survive in this world.”

So, more than 2.5 billion people are going to die in the next world war that is just around the corner? Nenner says, “Yes, the numbers say if you have a world war, it’s going to take out 1/3 of the population.”

On the financial front, Nenner says, “There is a catastrophe going on in bonds. They lost their capital and are not going to get it back. It’s the same thing that is happening in stocks.” Nenner advised to get out of both the bond and stock markets at the beginning of the year, and he was on target. Nenner predicts it’s going to get worse for stocks and bonds. Nenner says the next downside target is “15,000 on the DOW,” and it will eventually hit around “5,000 on the DOW.”

Nenner says food will never be cheaper and expects food shortages and big price increases for years into the future. Nenner also says he thinks oil will keep rising and will hit $150 per barrel, and it could eventually hit “$250” per barrel.

Nenner is still long term bullish on gold and says it will hit “$2,500” in the not-too-distant future. Nenner says if the world goes back on a gold standard, “gold will hit $40,000 per ounce.”

Nenner says people who are getting a pension should expect big cuts in the future and also expect big inflation too. It will be the worst of both worlds.

On top of that, expect civil unrest in America to keep growing. There is much more in the 40 min. interview."

Join Greg Hunter on Rumble as he goes One-on-One with
renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner:

"35 Signs That Show The Supply Chain Is Dying Right In Front Of Our Eyes"

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"35 Signs That Show The Supply Chain 
Is Dying Right In Front Of Our Eyes"
by Epic Economist

"The global supply chain crisis is reaching catastrophic proportions. Since the burst of the sanitary outbreak, supply chains have never caught a break. Lockdowns, port closures, congestion, factory shutdowns, trucking delivery delays, shipping container shortages, and the lack of enough qualified workers have taken a toll on supply chain operations, global manufacturing, and business sales. On top of the problems we already had in 2021, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused severe damages to critical sectors of this gigantic trade network. The system has become extremely fragile, and the combination of dozens of unsolved problems is threatening to push global and local supply chains to a breaking point in 2022. For that reason, we decided to compile very alarming statistics that reveal the factors aggravating shortages, shipping disruptions, and other critical issues causing chokepoints all across the system.

Since 2020, the imbalances between supply and demand have only grown wider, resulting in a major inventory distortion as retailers struggled to anticipate consumer needs - oftentimes, overordering items to prevent shortages. After experiencing extensive shortages and delays, companies in many sectors have boosted their buffer stocks, filling warehouses with products and components as insurance against future disruption. However, consumer trends have greatly shifted, which has left global retailers with an estimated overstock of $626 billion in products that are not selling at the forecasted pace, while the estimated value for out-of-stock items consumers are looking for right now is $1.14 trillion, data from the IHL Group shows. On average, U.S. retail operations have a supply chain accuracy of only 63%. This can result in significant delays and re-stocking issues. For instance, in 2021, 34% of businesses shipped an order late due to selling a product that wasn’t in stock.

While port congestion data for March captures the early effects of the Ukraine crisis, it does not reflect the lockdown in Shanghai. With traffic jams having increased significantly in Chinese ports due to the zero-tolerance policy in China, and in the North Sea due to the conflict in Ukraine, global schedule reliability is expected to drop by 10 percentage points by June, according to Sea Intelligence estimates.

These numbers portray a very gloomy outlook for global supply chains in 2022. We've been witnessing continued disruptions for 24 consecutive months, and as if that wasn't already distressing enough, executives are bracing for much more turbulence this year, as conflicts worldwide escalate, global manufacturing slows down, and the imbalance between supply and demand gets bigger and bigger. The global supply chain breakdown is getting worse by the day, and this means that all of these problems will stay with us for years. Here are 35 Numbers That Expose The Global Supply Chain Breakdown Is Accelerating At A Breathtaking Speed."

"Game Over, Economy Is Toast; Markets Take Huge Losses; FED Destroying Economy; Wealth Destruction"

Jeremiah Babe, 5/18/22:
"Game Over, Economy Is Toast; Markets Take Huge Losses;
 FED Destroying Economy; Wealth Destruction"

Gregory Mannarino, "Panic Selling On Wall Street! The 10-Year Yield NOSEDIVES; F..E..A..R.. Grips The Market"

Gregory Mannarino, PM 5/18/22:
"Panic Selling On Wall Street! 
The 10-Year Yield NOSEDIVES; F..E..A..R.. Grips The Market"

“The Year of Breakdown”

“The Year of Breakdown”
by Brian Maher

"The stairs up and the elevator down. Today the stock market boarded the elevator… again… The Dow Jones careened another 1,164 stomach-wrenched points today - the fifth collapse of at least 800 points this year - and the greatest single-day plunge since 2020. Both the S&P and Nasdaq were crowded into the identical box. Both endured the identical harrows. The S&P plummeted 165 points; the Nasdaq 566.

What accounts for today’s tumults? The consensus answer is inflation. Poor earnings reports by retail behemoths Target and Walmart indicate inflation has consumers on the defense.

Straws in the Wind: CNBC, grimly, despairingly: "Markets returned to heavy selling after two back-to-back quarterly reports from Target and Walmart stoked investor fears of rising inflation. It’s the fifth Dow decline of more than 800 points this year, which all occurred as the stock sell-off intensified within the last one month, according to FactSet data."

Adds Mr. Jack Ablin, founding partner of Cresset Capital: "Any company that relies on households and discretionary purchases will likely suffer this quarter because a lot of discretionary income has been funneled to food and energy prices." We are not one whit surprised.

Is Inflation Really 16%? The official inflation rate goes at 8.3%. Yet if government data-manglers tracked inflation by 1980’s standards - argues Mr. John Williams of ShadowStats - inflation exceeds 16%. Who can fault the consumer for pulling in his oars… and pinching his devalued pennies?

Today’s inflation fits precisely within the timeline of Johns Hopkins economist Steve Hanke: "The dramatic growth in the U.S. money supply… that began in March 2020 will do what increases in the money supply always do. Money growth will lead in the first instance (one–nine months) to asset price inflation. Then, a second stage will set in. Over a six–18-month period after a monetary injection occurs, economic activity will pick up. Ultimately, the prices of goods and services will increase. That usually takes between 12 and 24 months after the original monetary injection."

Within 24 months of the March 2020 unleashing - on schedule - we were treated to the inflationary deluges presently washing over us.

Americans Are out of Savings: We have held a deep distrust of reports claiming the American consumer is flush. For instance, of the recent New York Times article “For Tens of Millions of Americans, the Good Times Are Right Now.” 

For instance, of the recent Boston Herald article “Economy Shrinks but Job Market, Consumer Spending Remain Strong.”

For instance, of the recent article “S&P 500 in Rally Mode on Signs of Strong Consumer; Tech Reigns Supreme.”

Recent credit card data validates our hesitancy. Consumer credit went skyshooting in March, to $52.4 billion. That astounding figure easily doubled the projected $25 billion forecast. It is also the highest figure in recorded annals. If Americans were to their ears in savings, would credit card debt run to record heights? The question is the answer. Let us hazard an additional theory to account for the stock market’s recent tumults.

Bye-Bye, Buybacks: As we have argued before…Stock buybacks accounted for much of the stock market’s lovely run since 2009. Corporations piled up cheap debt under stimulation from the Federal Reserve’s exorbitantly low rates. With this debt they often purchased their own stock… which reduced shares outstanding… and raised the price per share.

Corporations suspended buybacks during the hell days of the pandemic. But buybacks returned last year at a furious and delirious pace. Corporations repurchased $882 billion of stocks last year - a record. Is it then a wonder that the stock market likewise attained record heights last year? But last year is not this year. Stock buybacks (and dividend payouts) wallow at 12-year lows, claims Bank of America. Is it coincidence that the stock market is reeling this year?

Built on Quicksand: Inflation is on the jump… as are interest rates. And rising interest rates can shake the stock market. That is especially true if the stock market rests uneasily upon a quicksand foundation of artificially low interest rates - like this stock market.

Ten-year Treasury yields presently run to 2.88% - down from their recent perch above 3% - yet the highest in three years nonetheless. That 2.88% is nothing against the historical average. Yet it is miles from the historically low 0.53% of July 2020.

Millstones Around the Neck: Thus the cheap debt corporations took on to finance buybacks is no longer so cheap. Rising rates hang heavier debts upon them… millstones upon their necks. These corporations can no longer afford stock buybacks that levitate their stock prices. Who will take up their slack? The answer is very, very far from clear.

Our own Charles Hugh Smith appears prescient. In early January he divined that 2022 represented “the year of breakdown”: "2022 is the year that the second-order effects come home to roost: All the risk that has been transferred to the financial system as a whole will generate consequences the Fed and other central banks are unable to control. The stupendously toxic incentives to speculate will generate consequences the Fed and other central banks are unable to control. The stupendously toxic wealth inequality will generate consequences the Fed and other central banks are unable to control…"

If we look at the fragility and instability of essential systems, it’s clear that 2022 will be the year of breakdown. The year is but five months into the 12, it is true. Yet indications to date lean heavily toward Charles. The Nasdaq Composite is already sunk in a bear market. Both the Dow Jones and S&P have suffered “correction” - a tumbling of 10% or more from recent peaks.

How Come Stocks Only “Correct” Lower? As we have observed before: Stocks are never said to “correct” higher. Only lower. That is, corrections run in one direction only - down. But why? Is not an undervalued market by definition… incorrect? Then should not an accurate reappraisal - a rising market - represent a correction? But in the popular imagination it does not. Corrections only correct downward. Here is our theory…

Getting Away With Something: The term is a subconscious recognition of the market’s tendency to overexcitement, of its constant efforts to slip its leash… Of the animal spirits’ chronic ambition to go amok. When the market rampages, a fellow is dizzied by the thrill of it. And so he lets go. He lets his throttle out. But he is besieged by an inner suspicion. A suspicion, that is, that he is getting away with something…

It is as if his employer has mistakenly added a zero to his paycheck. Or that he has come into possession of stolen property. Or that the mailman has left the neighbor’s package at his door. He knows he must hand it back. And so comes the correction - the inevitable correction. He knows he must hand it back. He is presently handing it back and then some more.

Thus conclude our brief reflections on the word correction. Future reflections will center on the bear market likely to unfold within the coming months…"

"Celente And The Judge", 5/18/22

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"Celente And The Judge", 5/18/22
"The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over fear and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in these increasingly turbulent times."

Musical Interlude: Afshin, "Prayer of Change"

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Afshin, "Prayer of Change"

"A Look to the Heavens"

"The first identified compact galaxy group, Stephan's Quintet is featured in this eye-catching image constructed with data drawn from the extensive Hubble Legacy Archive. About 300 million light-years away, only four of these five galaxies are actually locked in a cosmic dance of repeated close encounters. The odd man out is easy to spot, though. The interacting galaxies, NGC 7319, 7318A, 7318B, and 7317 have an overall yellowish cast. They also tend to have distorted loops and tails, grown under the influence of disruptive gravitational tides. But the predominantly bluish galaxy, NGC 7320, is closer, just 40 million light-years distant, and isn't part of the interacting group.
Stephan's Quintet lies within the boundaries of the high flying constellation Pegasus. At the estimated distance of the quartet of interacting galaxies, this field of view spans about 500,000 light-years. But moving just beyond this field, up and to the right, astronomers can identify another galaxy, NGC 7320C, that is also 300 million light-years distant. Including it would bring the interacting quartet back up to quintet status."

The Poet: Wendell Berry, “Leavings”


“In time a man disappears
from his lifelong fields, from
the streams he has walked beside,
from the woods where he sat and waited.
Thinking of this, he seems to
miss himself in those places
as if always he has been there.
But first he must disappear,
and this he foresees with hope,
with thanks. Let others come.”

- Wendell Berry
“Perhaps as he was lying awake then, his life may have passed before him - his early hopeful struggles, his manly successes and prosperity, his downfall in his declining years, and his present helpless condition – no chance of revenge against Fortune, which had had the better of him - neither name nor money to bequeath - a spent-out, bootless life of defeat and disappointment, and the end here! Which, I wonder, brother reader, is the better lot, to die prosperous and famous, or poor and disappointed? To have, and to be forced to yield; or to sink out of life, having played and lost the game? That must be a strange feeling, when a day of our life comes and we say, “Tomorrow, success or failure won’t matter much, and the sun will rise, and all the myriads of mankind go to their work or their pleasure as usual, but I shall be out of the turmoil.”
- William Makepeace Thackeray, “Vanity Fair”

"In A Word..."

“In a word, there are many thorns, but the roses are there too.”
- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

"MarketWatch Market Summary, 5/18/22: Live Updates"

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"MarketWatch Market Summary, Live Updates"
CNN Market Data:

CNN Fear And Greed Index:
So they'd have you believe...

The Daily "Near You?"

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"Why Not Despair? "

"Why Not Despair?"

"To view our times as decadent and dangerous, to mistrust the government, to imagine that those in power as not concerned with our best interests is not paranoid but perceptive; to be depressed, angry or confused about such things is not delusional but a sign of consciousness. Yet our culture suggests otherwise. But if all this is true, then why not despair? The simple answer is this: despair is the suicide of imagination. Whatever reality presses upon us, there still remains the possibility of imagining something better, and in this dream remains the frontier of our humanity and its possibilities To despair is to voluntarily close a door that has not yet shut. The task is to bear knowledge without it destroying ourselves, to challenge the wrong without ending up on its casualty list. You don't have to change the world, the writer Colman McCarthy has argued. Just keep the world from changing you.

Oddly, those who instinctively understand this best are often those who seem to have the least reason to do so, survivors of abuse, oppression, and isolation who somehow discover not so much how to beat the odds, but how to wriggle around them. They have, without formal instruction, learned two of the most fundamental lessons of psychiatry, philosophy, and religion:

You are not responsible for that into which you were born..
You are responsible for doing something about it.

These individuals move through life like a skilled mariner in a storm rather than as a victim at a sacrifice. Relatively unburdened by pointless and debilitating guilt about the past, uninterested in the endless regurgitation of the unalterable, they free themselves to concentrate upon the present and the future. They face the gale as a sturdy combatant rather than as cowering supplicant."
- Sam Smith

“Life has no victims. There are no victims in this life. No one has the right to point fingers at his/her past and blame it for what he/she is today. We do not have the right to point our finger at someone else and blame that person for how we treat others, today. Don’t hide in the corner, pointing fingers at your past. Don’t sit under the table, talking about someone who has hurt you. Instead, stand up and face your past! Face your fears! Face your pain! And stomach it all! You may have to do so kicking and screaming and throwing fits and crying – but by all means – face it! This life makes no room for cowards.”
- C. Joybell C.

"Nothing Can Stop the Market Crash - Even Walmart Sees Problems"

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Dan, iAllegedly 5/18/22:
"Nothing Can Stop the Market Crash -
 Even Walmart Sees Problems"
"The problems with the economy are escalating. Mortgage lenders are trying to keep companies open with massive layoffs and higher interest rates. Even Walmart sees the writing on the wall. They say the biggest problem will be sourcing an expensive goods through the end of the year. Food prices and gasoline are the biggest problem."

Bill Bonner, "Blind Trust"

"Blind Trust"
"Incompetent elites leading the public into debt,
 off to war and over the cliff."
by Bill Bonner

Youghal, Ireland - "Wheat prices shot up 6% yesterday after India decided to keep its bread at home. Ever since Adam Smith published ‘The Wealth of Nations’ it has been common knowledge that trade makes us all better off. Otherwise, we don’t get the benefits of specialization and comparative advantage. But our hypothesis here at Bonner Private Research is that the ruling classes have become incompetent. It’s a special kind of incompetence; it punishes the public, but serves the elite well.

Little noticed in the financial press was the recent passing of one of the few economists who understood his métier. Axel Leijonhufvud died at 88. Mr. Leijonhufvud was never asked to join the Fed… nor was the professor emeritus at UCLA ever invited to advise the administration on fiscal policy. The professor scotched his chances for a Nobel prize and alienated himself from his whole ‘tribe,’ by noting the group was largely fraudulent: “The status of the adult male [economist, anthropologically speaking] is determined by his skill as making the ‘modl’ of his ‘field.’ The fact… that most of these ‘modls’ seem to be of little or no practical use, probably accounts for the backwardness and abject cultural poverty of the tribe.”

Dot to Dot: And here the dots come together. The ‘tribe’ goes far beyond Powell, Yellen, Christine Lagarde and the bogus economists advising them. It includes millions of busy bodies and bossy pants… Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal… all sharing the same goal – to keep the jig up.

Their economic modls have caused widespread poverty and inflation…their modls of the Covid 19 appear to cause far more deaths than they prevented…their race-based modls tell us that ‘people of color’ are the victims of mean White people… their climate modls tell us that we have to make a ‘Green Transition.’ At what cost… in money, in lives? The ‘modls’ don’t tell us… and no one asks…

What these modls all have in common is that they are the stock in trade of a technocratic elite, who claim to have expertise that the rest of us don’t have. “Don’t question ‘The Science.’” Trust the experts. Do as you are told.

Sydney Syndrome: The attitude is here summarized for us by the New York Times, in its praise for Australia’s low Covid death count: "Dozens of interviews, along with survey data and scientific studies from around the world, point to a lifesaving trait that Australians displayed from the top of government to the hospital floor, and that Americans have shown they lack: trust, in science and institutions, but especially in one another."

Really? Scientific studies tell us that Australians are more trusting? And that trust saves lives? What happened to those young men who trusted their leaders and went to war with one another in America’s War Between the States? Or those millions who went ‘over the top’ in WWI? And what about the Germans who trusted the Fuhrer and invaded Russia?

And now the geopolitical modlers tell us we must conduct a ‘sanctions war’ against Russia. Why? The modls don’t tell us. Nor do they tell us what will happen when the world turns away from the weaponized dollar. They’re not part of the modl!

Dogs are trusting creatures. Especially when you raise them from puppies. And if there is any place on earth where people are more trusting than cocker spaniels, it must be north of the DMZ on the Korean peninsula. There, people trust – or else! Alas, the Covid-19 doesn’t seem to respect the North Korean elite any more than we do. GentsideDE: "While in many parts of the world the pandemic is abating and even the mask requirement is being lifted, North Korea is currently struggling with over 1.2 million patients with fever symptoms and 50 dead within a few days, as RP Online reports.

The military has been tasked with distributing the drugs. Moreover, a lockdown has been imposed and the government is keeping track of infected patients. No matter the profession, if a person is found infected with the virus they will immediately be sent into quarantine. There are more than 560,000 people in quarantine at the moment."

Modl Soldiers: Another news story yesterday showed Janet Yellen visiting a food kitchen in Warsaw and sympathizing with the refugees, the displaced persons, the widows and orphans. “Please stop the war…” said one. But Ms. Yellen wasn’t there to stop the war, but to keep it going as long as possible. She was drumming up support – if any were needed – for the $40 billion in aid – so the Ukrainians can keep fighting.

Trust the experts? The ones in suits? The ones who aren’t deplorable? Who earn more than we do… and know better than we do? But what if the experts are paid to give the wrong answers? What if the ‘western’ elite has turned into a parasitic aristocracy… a nomenklatura… looking out for itself, at the expense of the general public? What if their silly modls caused the worst inflation in 40 years… got a million people killed in pointless wars since 1999… and now threaten civilization as we know it?"


“Get Ready to Be Muzzled: The Coming War on So-Called Hate Speech”

“Get Ready to Be Muzzled:
 The Coming War on So-Called Hate Speech”
by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation 
must begin by subduing the freedom of speech.”
- Benjamin Franklin

"Beware of those who want to monitor, muzzle, catalogue and censor speech. Especially be on your guard when the reasons given for limiting your freedoms end up expanding the government’s powers.

In the wake of a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, carried out by an 18-year-old gunman in military gear allegedly motivated by fears that the white race is in danger of being replaced, there have been renewed calls for social media monitoring, censorship of flagged content that could be construed as dangerous or hateful, and limitations on free speech activities, particularly online.

As expected, those who want safety at all costs will clamor for more gun control measures (if not at an outright ban on weapons for non-military, non-police personnel), widespread mental health screening of the general population and greater scrutiny of military veterans, more threat assessments and behavioral sensing warnings, more surveillance cameras with facial recognition capabilities, more “See Something, Say Something” programs aimed at turning Americans into snitches and spies, more metal detectors and whole-body imaging devices at soft targets, more roaming squads of militarized police empowered to do random bag searches, more fusion centers to centralize and disseminate information to law enforcement agencies, and more surveillance of what Americans say and do, where they go, what they buy and how they spend their time.

All of these measures play into the government’s hands. As we have learned the hard way, the phantom promise of safety in exchange for restricted or regulated liberty is a false, misguided doctrine that serves only to give the government greater authority to crack down, lock down, and institute even more totalitarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry.

Add the Department of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board” to that mix, empower it to monitor online activity and police so-called “disinformation,” and you have the makings of a restructuring of reality straight out of Orwell’s 1984, where the Ministry of Truth polices speech and ensures that facts conform to whatever version of reality the government propagandists embrace. And this expletive deleted, expletive deleted, expletive deleted creature will decide what you see and hear:
After all, it’s a slippery slope from censoring so-called illegitimate ideas to silencing truth. Eventually, as George Orwell predicted, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act. If the government can control speech, it can control thought and, in turn, it can control the minds of the citizenry.

It’s been a long time since free speech was actually free. On paper - at least according to the U.S. Constitution - we are technically free to speak. In reality, however, we are only as free to speak as a government official - or corporate entities such as Facebook, Google or YouTube - may allow. That’s not a whole lot of freedom, especially if you’re inclined to voice opinions that may be construed as conspiratorial or dangerous. (As we learned personally on Sept. 10, 2020 when Google/Blogger suddenly and without warning simply disappeared "Running 'Cause I Can't Fly" blog 1. - CP)

This steady, pervasive censorship creep clothed in tyrannical self-righteousness and inflicted on us by technological behemoths (both corporate and governmental) is technofascism, and it does not tolerate dissent. These internet censors are not acting in our best interests to protect us from dangerous, disinformation campaigns. They’re laying the groundwork now to preempt any “dangerous” ideas that might challenge the power elite’s stranglehold over our lives.

The internet, hailed as a super-information highway, is increasingly becoming the police state’s secret weapon. This “policing of the mind” is exactly the danger author Jim Keith warned about when he predicted that “information and communication sources are gradually being linked together into a single computerized network, providing an opportunity for unheralded control of what will be broadcast, what will be said, and ultimately what will be thought.”

Yet what a lot of people fail to understand, however, is that it’s not just what you say or do that is being monitored, but how you think that is being tracked and targeted. We’ve already seen this play out on the state and federal level with hate crime legislation that cracks down on so-called “hateful” thoughts and expression, encourages self-censoring and reduces free debate on various subject matter.

With every passing day, we’re being moved further down the road towards a totalitarian society characterized by government censorship, violence, corruption, hypocrisy and intolerance, all packaged for our supposed benefit in the Orwellian doublespeak of national security, tolerance and so-called “government speech.” Little by little, Americans have been conditioned to accept routine incursions on their freedoms.

This is how oppression becomes systemic, what is referred to as creeping normality, or a death by a thousand cuts. It’s a concept invoked by Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist Jared Diamond to describe how major changes, if implemented slowly in small stages over time, can be accepted as normal without the shock and resistance that might greet a sudden upheaval. Diamond’s concerns related to Easter Island’s now-vanished civilization and the societal decline and environmental degradation that contributed to it, but it’s a powerful analogy for the steady erosion of our freedoms and decline of our country right under our noses.

We’ve already torn down the rich forest of liberties established by our founders. The erosion of our freedoms happened so incrementally, no one seemed to notice. Gradually, the freedoms enjoyed by the citizenry became fewer, smaller and less important. By the time the last freedom falls, no one will know the difference. This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls: with a thousand cuts, each one justified or ignored or shrugged over as inconsequential enough by itself to bother, but they add up.

Each cut, each attempt to undermine our freedoms, each loss of some critical right adds up to an immeasurable failure on the part of each and every one of us to stop the descent down that slippery slope. We are on that downward slope now.

America is approaching another reckoning right now, one that will pit our commitment to freedom principles against a level of fear-mongering that is being used to wreak havoc on everything in its path. Yet as I make clear in my book "Battlefield America: The War on the American People" and in its fictional counterpart "The Erik Blair Diaries," while we squabble over which side is winning this losing battle, a tsunami approaches."

"Sitrep Operation Z 5/18/22: NATO Surrenders in Azovstal"

"Sitrep Operation Z 5/18/22: 
NATO Surrenders in Azovstal"
Nazi Azovites - from rats in a hole to fish in a barrel -  
This is what denazification looks like!
by Pepe Escobar

"The New York Times prevaricates as follows: Ukraine ended its “combat mission” in Mariupol and said fighters were being evacuated, signaling that the battle at a steel plant was over.

Zelensky adds some Ukrainian/Cocainian dreams to that: “The evacuation mission from Azovstal continues. It is led by our military and intelligence officers.” (OK, Mr PianoDick, they’re being led straight into war criminal prison! - thank your military and intelligence officers for doing the job for the world!) Dmitry Polyansky says it differently: “I didn’t know English has so many ways to express a single message: the #Azovnazis have unconditionally surrendered.”

Nightfall did not stop the surrender process. Ukrainians are still surrendering in crowds without stopping. Sufficient forces to deal with this are on the terrain and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR are kicking ass and taking prisoners. Illumination rockets are constantly launched into the sky, which at least somehow facilitates the crawling out of underground inhabitants :) These invincible heroes are emaciated, ragged, hungry and a pitiful sight.

Donetsk Defense HQ – 962 Azovites surrendered and the process continues. In the meantime, 11 servicemen of the 25th airborne brigade and seventeen of the 54th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine voluntarily laid down their arms and went over to the side of the DPR. We hope this is the start of a mass surrender. This is denazification and movies will be made and books will be written. After this major loss of prestige, expect a doozy of a false flag."
"Starting point today is the MoD report, 
and somewhat reformatted for ease of use."
Please view this complete, lengthy and highly informative article here:
Hey! Yes, YOU, Good Taxpayer Citizen! YOU'RE paying for this! $53 billion while our country falls apart! Don't you want to really know what's happening? Or are you truly so stupid and willfully ignorant that you believe all the lies and propaganda about this situation, while idiotically waving your oh-so-cutesy Ukranian flags? I don't think you are, or you wouldn't be here reading this... - CP
"Most of one's life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself from thinking. 
People intoxicate themselves with work so they won't see how they really are."
 - Aldous Huxley

"How It Really Is"

"Massive Price Increases At Aldi! What Now?"

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Adventures with Danno, 5/18/22:
"Massive Price Increases At Aldi! What Now?"
"In today's vlog we are at Aldi and are noticing massive price increases! We are here to check out rising prices, and a lot of empty shelves! It's getting rough out here as stores seem to be struggling with getting products!"

Gregory Mannarino, "Middle Class People Are Being Deliberately Eliminated- FASTER!"

Gregory Mannarino, AM 5/18/22:
"Middle Class People Are Being Deliberately Eliminated- FASTER!"