Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Isochronic Tones: Clear Focus Space Voyager Mix Study Music"

"Isochronic Tones: 
Clear Focus Space Voyager Mix Study Music"
Headphones are NOT required for this video.
by Jason Lewis - Mind Amend

"Clear focus space voyager mix study music with a space style theme. Play during long study sessions, especially if you're feeling stressed or under pressure. Helps to clear your mind of distraction and keep you in a relaxed focused mental state. Includes low-intensity beta and alpha wave isochronic tones plus amplitude entrainment effects embedded into the music.

How does it work? This is a brainwave entrainment music track using isochronic tones combined with music. The music has also been embedded with amplitude entrainment effects, where the music is subtly distorted and vibrates in unison with the same frequency of the isochronic tones. This helps to add further strength to the entrainment effect. This brainwave entrainment session cycles through a frequency range of between 10Hz in Alpha, (which can help with memorization and learning), and up to 14Hz in the Beta range, (which will help with increasing focus and concentration)." 

If brainwave entrainment is a new concept for you, there is some information about it here:  -
I use these daily, and suggest you do, too. This one is particularly excellent.
- CP

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