Monday, May 3, 2021

"Biden Family Justice"

"Biden Family Justice"
by Jim Kunstler

"If you want to grok the awesome failure of authority these Fourth Turning crack-up years in America, start with the lawlessness at the Department of Justice and its sociopathic step-child, the FBI, along with a demonic host of intel agencies seeded throughout the national government: the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, the DHS, and even the lowly crypto-public US Postal Service, lately enlisted to spy on US citizens’ social media posts.

Who is supposed to rein-in these freewheeling rogues? I’ll tell you: the courts and the judges appointed to them. The problem is especially acute in the federal courts where, for instance, Judge James Boasberg allowed the FBI to lie repeatedly on warrant applications to his FISA court, and Judge Emmet G. Sullivan hung General Mike Flynn out to dry even after the DOJ had to admit misconduct in his prosecution - and the DC Court of Appeals failed to enforce the DOJ’s reluctant decision to finally drop charges.

The campaign of false witness against US citizens went into overdrive when Donald Trump strutted onto the scene and “seventeen agencies of the Intel Community” conspired with The New York Times and other news media to manufacture the RussiaGate hoax. No top official across the boards has been taken to law for the stupendous cavalcade of false accusations and deceitful investigations associated with that venture in sedition, and the nation is still waiting for the apparition known as Special Counsel John Durham to make a peep. In fact, since 2017 much of the publicly-reported activity around the DOJ and FBI has demonstrated only their attempts to suppress their own felonious misdeeds - cover-ups on top of cover-ups.

Now comes the curious case of Rudy Giuliani, whose apartment was raided on a warrant last week by the FBI seeking his computers and cell phones. The probable cause remains murky - something to do with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in representing Ukrainian clients in the US? So, the DOJ wants Rudy’s files, emails, and memoranda on that? Of course, Rudy was acting as the President’s lawyer in impeachment No. 1 over a telephone call to Ukraine, and what was that about? Hunter Biden’s grifting activities, his cumulatively receiving millions from the Burisma Company, of which Hunter’s dad was due to receive at least his usual ten percent cut? And concerning which activity, Joe Biden threatened former Ukraine President Poroshenko in withholding US aid, unless an investigation into Hunter’s Burisma grift was dropped.

It might be helpful to the current occupant of the Oval Office to know what kind of evidence Rudy has acquired on all that and more over the years - yes? But then, there’s plenty of evidence about it and much much much more on Hunter’s wayward laptop. Perhaps hundreds of millions in wide-ranging grifts beyond lowly Ukraine all the way to China, where to this day Hunter retains active and substantial financial connections through his Skaneateles LLC financial company. And it has become known that the FBI was in possession of Hunter’s laptop from at least one month prior to the commencement of impeachment proceedings in December of 2019. And nobody was informed about that… not least the president’s lawyer?

Don’t Christopher Wray and William Barr have some ‘splainin’ to do about how such a crucial trove of evidence was withheld during the impeachment? After all, Mr. Trump’s fateful phone call to Ukraine was about the influence-peddling operations of the Biden family in foreign lands. A whole other year passed before the existence of Hunter’s laptop was even acknowledged in the fall of 2020, and then the sole reportage about it from The New York Post was suppressed in a coordinated campaign between the social and news media - in the midst of a national election, with Joe Biden standing for president. Funny how that worked.

Also, note the connections between Rep Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee, where the first impeachment hearings were staged, especially the committee’s Chief Counsel, one Daniel Goldman, and William Barr’s DOJ. Mr. Goldman was a former US Attorney in the Southern District of New York (2007 -2017). Do you suppose he knows people in Main Justice - like, just about everybody? Was he apprised formally or otherwise of the existence of Hunter’s laptop in possession of the FBI at the time of the hearings? Or Did Mr. Wray and Mr. Barr leave him in the dark about what was on it? (Personally, I doubt it.)

It has come out lately that the FBI secretly hacked its way into Mr. Giuliani’s iCloud data storage account without a warrant in the fall of 2019, when Mr. Schiff’s Intel Committee held its hearings preliminary to impeachment and Mr. Giuliani was the president’s lawyer. Did Mr. Wray and Mr. Barr or others funnel info about what was on the president’s lawyer’s private iCloud files to Mr. Goldman and Mr. Schiff? And was that info known to then Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire? Or Intel Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who allowed the bogus complaints of CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella and National Security Council officer Alexander Vindman to be manufactured into an impeachable “crime?” Do these seem to be esoteric issues? I don’t think so. Will they ever be adjudicated? And will our country pay a price for allowing all that to happen?

It has also been imputed in media coverage of the Giuliani raid that the president’s lawyer was somehow nefariously involved in advising Mr. Trump to fire US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. In fact, ambassadors to foreign lands serve at the pleasure of the chief executive. He can fire them for any reason. And his lawyer has every right to advise him to do it. Does the news media not know that?

Does the DOJ aim to mount an indictment against Rudy Giuliani? Well, if they do, of course, they open the door to evidentiary discovery - like, who gave the order to hack into the President’s lawyer’s iCloud account during the 2019 impeachment? Anything funny going on with that? It happens that Mr. Giuliani’s personal lawyer is one Bob Costello, who served as head of the Southern District’s criminal division when Rudy ran the DOJ’s SDNY. Mr. Costello might know something of the workings in Main Justice. He could possibly root something interesting out.

To return to my original point: who and where are the authorities who will hold high public officials accountable for the things they’ve been doing? Do you wonder why Americans increasingly lack faith in their government? Do you wonder why, for example, so many want to avoid “vaccine” shots, endorsed by government officials as “safe and effective?” Do you note the contrast between what’s taken ultra-seriously in the BLM hoopla over police shootings of perps obviously resisting arrest and fighting with them, and the awesome depravity at the highest levels of the US justice system? Oh, by the way, the Arizona ballot recount and voting machine forensic inquiry goes on. Maybe soon you will start putting together the reasons why your country is cracking up."

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