Wednesday, May 5, 2021

"100 Non Food Items You Should Stockpile To Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse"

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"100 Non Food Items You Should Stockpile 
To Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse"
by Epic Economist

"We're living in times when broken supply chains and empty grocery shelves are becoming the new normal. Widespread shortages are driving the price of everything to unprecedented highs, and our growing inability to find the supplies we need is putting us in a dangerously vulnerable position during the economic collapse. While more turbulence and chaos arise with each passing day, we're unconsciously becoming incapable of preparing in advance for the challenges that lie ahead.

Most people tend to think that, when it comes to prepping for an emergency, food is the most important product to have on your stockpile. In some cases, that might be true, but if things go south and you need to rapidly relocate, there are other essential non-food items you should have on hand to help you find resources and shelter, and also to keep your group safe when everything else starts to fall apart.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much food and water you have in your pantry if you lack the tools you need to ensure your survival. And surviving an economic collapse is much more complex than most people can imagine. But there are some simple products that can help you to escape a turbulent environment and gather enough supplies for you and your family. That's why today, we selected 100 non-food essential items you should start stockpiling right now before they disappear from the stores.

But before we check this list, we would like to remind you that another essential thing to have is common sense. Don’t rush into the stores and wipe out all shelves in a panic-buying spree like many did during lockdowns. That’s not prepping, that’s hoarding. And it compromises other families’ ability to protect themselves in such dark times. Just take what you will actually use and what you will actually need. It’s important to stay focused and do not let panic take over in a situation like this.

Don’t find yourself battling over a toilet paper package with someone in a supermarket line. We do understand that things can drastically change overnight, but until they do, take your time to start prepping consciously and respectfully, because it’s our connections with one another that will allow us to thrive when the rest of the world collapses. And the last thing you want to make is unwanted enemies.

Keep a close eye on the events that might turn into a catastrophe and start getting ready as soon as you can because things are vanishing from the stores at a very rapid pace - but there's still time to come up with an escape plan and stay away from the imminent economic collapse. So you need to act right now."

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