Monday, March 1, 2021

"Straight Talk On Covid"

"Straight Talk On Covid"
Bob Moriarty

"It’s been right at a year now since the Wuhan/Covid Bio-terror program began. At first the world was forced by a lack of information to believe everything the “Experts” said and the media pounded home. Today we know better, after all, we have a year’s real data to justify or to disprove what we were told. We know the “Experts” overstated the danger by an order of magnitude. We have ample evidence that we have been lied to and manipulated all along. Actually we know that virtually everything the trusted “Experts” maintained was dead wrong and the mainstream media simply out pimped their worst lies of the past.

I’m going to present a number of articles and videos which make it clear that there was a flu, it killed people and should be avoided where possible. Just as the flu kills people and should be avoided every year.

For those short of time or patience, do watch this thirty-minute video of a medical doctor talking about Covid and what can be done about it. To give you some idea of the degree to which you are being manipulated and told what you can and cannot think try entering Dr. Lee Merrit into YouTube’s search function. You will not be directed to the video. That’s not an accident. YouTube does not want you to know about the total fraud that has been perpetuated on the world in the name of a minor seasonal flu. Now on to the most informative discussion of the flu that I have found from Dr. Lee Merrit.

There is a flu dangerous to a small segment of our society. We know how to mitigate the effects. As Dr. Merrit explains above a simple dose of Vitamin D daily improves our chances of not getting the flu or if we get it, reduces the severity. We also know that HCQ can help to reduce the time it takes to get over the disease. We are not allowed to read about HCQ or use it because President Trump said it might be effective. The Deep State hated Trump and tried for 4.5 years to dump him. They were not about to allow him to make a perfectly reasonable suggestion supported by a legion of real doctors.

We also know and understand that a common and cheap anti-parasite drug from Australia often stops the virus in its tracks. But Ivermectin costs $2 a dose and can be found at any farm supply store so Fauci and the MSM is not about to suggest a cure that doesn’t put billions of dollars in the pockets of big Pharma. Fauci would far rather see tens of thousands of people die without a cheap treatment.

But what of Saint Fauci, worshipped by the MSM. He’s the highest paid government official in the United States and also the loudest shill for Big Pharma on the flu. In March of last year Fauci was interviewed on 60 Minutes and was quoted as saying, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” YouTube has suppressed that video for obvious reasons since Dr. Fauci has had a change of heart about the use of masks.

In August he maintained that for public health safety everyone should wear a mask. Then he realized even more protection was needed than merely a facemask so he recommended not only a facemask but also goggles for maximum protection. In January of 2021 Dr. Fauci updated his mask recommendation to that of wearing two masks instead of just one, saying, “It just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.” A full week later Dr. Fauci backtracked one more time saying, “if you really wanna have an extra little bit of protection, maybe I should put two masks on. There's nothing wrong with that, but there's no data that indicates that that is gonna make a difference and that's the reason why the CDC has not changed their recommendations.”

So there you have it. The leading “Expert” in the United States and highest paid public government official has made it clear that,

• You don’t need a mask.
• You do need a mask.
• You need a mask and goggles.
• You really need two masks, it makes sense.
• But you don’t need two masks.

Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test, the Gold Standard of testing that gave the US an infection rate five times higher than the rest of the world knew Dr. Fauci and had his own opinion as to his qualifications. Kary Mullis maintained that the PCR test was useless for detecting a disease. The WHO has finally admitted that PRC has a giant flaw. While the CDC and NIH recommend using 40 cycles to determine presence of a virus, even Fauci admits that anything over 27 cycles generates too many false positive signals. Actually of the 28 million cases that the US claims, over 80% were false positive results due to using too many cycles in an ineffective and basically flawed testing procedure.

John Rubio of Dollar Collapse had a brilliant article on the “Experts” back in January talking about why hardly anyone trusts the virus experts. Even the WHO has finally admitted that lockdowns not be used as a primary control method because they cause so much other damage and don’t stop the flu.

But what of the so-called magic bullet, the vaccine. First of all, it is not a vaccine. Vaccines contain particles of the original virus or germ. What is being called a vaccine is actually a highly dangerous and untested permanent gene modification. The MSM mocked DJT for months after he maintained that there would be this gene therapy before the end of 2020. The election came and went and as if by magic the “Vaccine” appeared as if it just popped out of nowhere.

So the issue now is the safety or lack of safety in the gene therapy. Doctors from around the world have issued their own warning "Do not get the Covid Vaccine!!” Numbers are starting to come out as to how safe the “Vaccine” is. In the UK Care Home “Covid” deaths have increased by 240% since vaccinations began. Some solution.

As discussed in the original interview with Dr. Lee Merrit, the mRNA gene therapy has not been tested and could cause the deaths of millions eventually. A young man in Israel was injected with the gene therapy. We can quickly see just how much it helped him.

The US has a new President and a new direction. On January 20th Joe Biden became President of the United States. One of his first actions that day was to dictate that no one would be allowed on any US Federal property without a facemask. A few hours later he became one of the first to ignore his own rule. In doing so he followed a long and hallowed tradition in government at all levels of telling taxpayers what the rules were for them and ignoring them as a government functionary. It comes under the “Do as I say, not as I do” rule closely followed by mayors, governors, local officials and Federal officials at all levels."

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