Saturday, March 6, 2021

"3 Ways The United States Could Collapse Into Chaos"

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"3 Ways The United States Could Collapse Into Chaos"
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Amid a ravaging economic collapse, tragedies brought on by the ongoing health crisis, and growing social agitation, 2021 has started off as one of the most turbulent years for America. Unemployment rates are still increasing, businesses are dying every day, and despite the distribution of a vaccine, new variants of the virus are being discovered all over the world, which means in addition to the painful human toll, financial and economic distresses are likely to linger for much longer than experts anticipated. All of these determinants and many others are already shaking our country to the core, and at this point, it's hard to tell how much more can our institutions sustain before they inevitably start to disintegrate.

The idea of a societal collapse may sound too absurd for some, but so was the idea that widespread business shutdowns prompted by a fatal viral infection would lead the world's wealthiest nation to an economic downturn of unprecedented proportions. And look where we are now. The truth is that every society that ever existed has hit a breaking point, and we would be foolish to think that ours would be immune from a generalized meltdown. That's why, today, inspired by an article authored by Richard Miller and published on the Urban Survival website, we are going to analyze the three most likely ways the United States could collapse into chaos in the near future.

Civil conflicts, health and hunger crises, as well as infrastructure breakdowns, can all act as key pressure points that could ultimately cause our society to crack once they become prolonged issues. When a society starts to crumble, it's only a matter of time until its foundations finally shatter. America, just as the ancient Roman Empire, is just too big to fail due to one single dramatic collapse. But, like the Romans, we will probably see a separation of our states, as political disputes and wealth disparities have been largely expanding social divides.

But it's always important to remember that you can always be prepared in advance not to be caught off-guard and see your whole life turn upside down overnight. Just like we have seen in 2020, those who had planned and prepared for the worst-case scenario before the meltdown started did much better than the ones who have to cope with empty shelves and empty wallets. As we have stressed in many of our previous videos, there's more to life than civilization as we know it.

The number one cause would be the worsening of the health crisis and an authoritarian government response. In case the outbreak aggravates to a much worse level, or if other outbreaks burst over the coming months, it would only take a few more draconian measures or a series of bad decisions from the federal government until we started to see major cities and states rebelling. So a reality in which countless rebel groups arise across the country isn't that distant, and the growing social turbulence added to a troubled economy would be the perfect recipe for problems.

The second one would be mounting social agitation and conflict. We have seen all over the news, aggressive demonstrations of discontentment that were taken into the streets and sparked panic and chaos in many big cities. When all sides have very different beliefs about the same narrative, it becomes increasingly harder to keep things under control. In essence, one of the primary aspects that have kept us calmer and friendlier towards each other was the comfort provided by modern society. Remove that out of the picture and disorder will take over.

The third cause is related to social evolution. Another intriguing viewpoint is one given by Dr. Steven Gimbel of Gettysburg College, who analyzes these matters from a sociological perspective. He affirms that "the cultural tipping point is when a society has created too much complexity; at that point, society can no longer afford it. Every previous major civilization in human history in every corner of the world has collapsed due to becoming overly complex; due to bureaucracy".

Additionally, regardless of whether you believe humans are causing it or not, climate change is causing numerous natural disasters and aggravating crises all over the planet. So whether we are facing the worsening of the health crisis, social turbulence, or more devastating natural disasters, there are many possible causes for a U.S. collapse. So make sure you keep informed and make a plan to run for the exits if you feel things are about to spiral out of control. As preppers use to say: "Prepare for the worst and you can only be pleasantly surprised."

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