Saturday, June 19, 2021

Video: "Our Son Died 12 Hours After Vaccine Jab. 'Murdered by J and J'”

Video: "Our Son Died 12 Hours After Vaccine Jab. 
'Murdered by J and J'”
by Matthew Grace

"Medical researcher and health consultant Matthew Grace interviews grieving parents Pam and Jeff Goodman to discuss and dissect the coverup and criminal promotion of the Covid 19 “vaccination,” many shocking revelations and irrefutable facts are presented here to help keep you and your family safe.

“Mass Deception in the History of Humankind”. Below is an interview with the parents of their son who died shortly after the vaccine. He was murdered by J and J.

“Where are the unbiased reports? It’s gone.” “The media has created a fear culture” “You have to dig to find the truth”. The information pertaining to the dangers of the Covid vaccine are being deliberately withheld. Both the government and the media are responsible for crimes against humanity.

Facebook, Google and Twitter are involved in suppressing both the data and scientific analysis pertaining to the mRNA vaccine. Google is involved in blocking access to independent online reports on the vaccine. Sustaining Covid lies constitutes a criminal act."
Video here:
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