Tuesday, October 13, 2020

"More Than Half Of All Americans Plan To Stockpile Food And Essentials For The Chaotic Months Ahead"

"More Than Half Of All Americans Plan To Stockpile 
Food And Essentials For The Chaotic Months Ahead"
by Epic Economist

"Americans already started to stockpile food and other essential goods in face of the prospects of more food shortages, and many have expressed to believe the elections will bring a lot of tension to the streets. In this video, we examine the growing distress that is leading 56 percent of the population to expect a boom of social agitation in the coming days.

According to a recent report, the main reason why a large portion of the population is stockpiling food and essential goods is the apprehension surrounding the event of another wave of infection cases, while the economic depression getting even deeper and more complex. 

After witnessing massive supply shortages, it's no wonder why Americans are deeply alarmed about the prospects of not finding food, cleaning products, or the basic goods they need one more time. The main concern is related to the convergence of a substantial rise in viral cases, plus the potential conflicts resultant from the elections, and another round of supply chain disruptions happening all at once. 

Despite some cities and states had experienced low case rates, many continued to document food shortages, and now as a survey show, over half of Americans affirmed they will start a stockpile to keep themselves and their families secured throughout the coming months.

There is already evidence that shows grocery sales are rising. Even the mainstream media has turned its attention to a significant growth in the number of grocery store chains which are foreseeing shortages and have been stocking up on essential goods. 

Many grocery store chains realized if grocery stores aren’t stocked up and prepared for a second wave this winter, runs on products and shortages could happen again. However, some products might remain difficult to find, and less supply combined with higher demand leads prices to soar.

Of course, food manufacturers and grocery store owners are seizing the opportunity to rethink their pricing strategies to maximize their profits. And as the demand goes up, the global food production has become increasingly stressed. While prices climb up, food security for tens of millions worldwide is put into jeopardy.

Such upswing in food costs will directly impact the most vulnerable households, pushing millions into poverty and hunger. Experts are warning that emergency funds need to be built to avoid a global famine, but not much has been done so far. Instead, food insecurity has been spreading and the world is experiencing one of the worst food crises in five decades.

We can predict a critical surge of households falling into extreme poverty, and, at the same time, the wealth inequality gap will become abysmal. Throughout history, food price volatility and disruptions have often culminated in social tumult and aggressive confrontation.

And there are many reasons to believe that we are about to witness the result of social discontentment on the streets again. A new poll showed that nearly half of the interviewees disagreed with the idea that the election "is likely to be fair and honest” and they expect to see "an increase in social confrontation as a result of the election". 

The election's legitimacy was put into question after President Trump's claimed there would be a potential fraud including millions of mail-in ballots. For that reason, many are pondering whether there would be a peaceful transition of power in case of an unfavorable outcome. 

Even a national campaign has been issued to disavow physical aggression from either side and ask people to respect those who voted differently. But many aggravating layers are piling up to what can be the worst division the nation has ever seen. 

In the case of a contested election, both sides will have will doubt the integrity of the election and each side will blame the other for inciting disorder. All signals are telling us that we're entering more tumultuous, restless times. So you should start preparing now."

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