Thursday, August 5, 2021

Gregory Mannarino, AM 8/5/21: "The Meltdown Continues; Fed. Now ADMITS 'Inflation Is Not Transitory!'

Gregory Mannarino, AM 8/5/21:
"The Meltdown Continues; 
Fed. Now ADMITS 'Inflation Is Not Transitory!'"

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  1. Who was ignorant enough to believe them? How, without Major policy changes, could the natural ,etched in stone, LAW of economics that observes that When a supply of Currency increases and the available Goods and Services that are available to purchase stays the same, then you see increase in the prices.
    Ya simply can not create TRILLYUNZ and TRILLYUNZ of dollars and not dilute the pool of Currency..
    Sometimes I wonder where the loyalties of these people lie.
    I'm pretty sure it's Not with the American people.

    When the people figure out that STUPID is no longer a believable excuse for failure and realize the Unintended Consequences were The Goal and it's all been Sabotage, then the bastards will swing.