Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Go To The Stores And Stock Up Now Because The Mother Of All Depressions Is Coming In Weeks Or Months"

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"Go To The Stores And Stock Up Now Because 
The Mother Of All Depressions Is Coming In Weeks Or Months"
by Epic Economist

"We're getting closer and closer to the mother of all economic depressions and its effects are about to bring about an unprecedented amount of turbulence, chaos, and despair to our modern society. The horror stories from the Great Depression of the 1930s are about to be repeated. Most preppers have that grim era burned into their minds as a stark reminder of how fast things can go wrong, even in the wealthiest country in the world. And today, global events are rapidly accelerating and things are spinning out of control at an alarming pace in the United States.

For decades, preppers had the Great Depression as a motivation and a reminder to get ready for dark times even before things start to go bad. But the truth is that this is the scenario all of us should be preparing for. Recently, several economists, financial analysts, and market watchers have been warning that another Great Depression is coming for us and it will throw us back into an era of poverty, hunger, and distress that is likely to start by the end of this year. Last year, when the health crisis struck America, the economy has fallen into a deep recession in a matter of days. Over 700,000 unemployment claims were filed within a few short months and the US GDP dropped by 31.4 percent in the second quarter -- the deepest and fastest collapse ever recorded.

However, due to the extraordinary amount of printed money artificially injected into the system by the Federal Reserve, our economy has become numb. These measures may have averted a greater collapse in the short term, but they created huge imbalances that are now threatening to bring the entire system down. Every dollar in those government stimulus checks was either created out of thin air by the Fed or borrowed from the Treasury. At some point, the consequences of having expanded our money supply by the trillions would start knocking at our doors. That's why now we're facing an inflationary spike like no other seen in modern times.

To make things worse, the price of essential goods, such as housing, has jumped to record-highs, so Americans now have to spend a lot more money to buy or rent a home. That also contributes to making the dollar weaker and inflation even more persistent. As our currency gets debased, we have to pay more for imported goods, such as oil. Consequently, gas prices are bound to surge, and car prices get more expensive too because we import a lot of cars from other countries.

Given the steep imbalances between supply and demand, prices are ruthlessly rising all around the world. Companies are having to pay more for energy and raw materials, so they pass along those costs to consumers. Higher gas prices and transport costs are also added to consumer prices. Therefore, even though we now have more dollars in the economy, our purchasing power has significantly declined. After inflation infiltrates the system, it starts to feed on itself and it takes off like a rocket.

Ever since the Fed stepped in with its monetary policies, our money supply has started to inflate by about one billion dollars per hour. On the other hand, our national debt is surging so rapidly that it's hard to keep track. By 2030, debt interest is expected to match and then exceed tax revenues. That means we will have to borrow and print more money to pay the interest on the money we borrowed and printed throughout the last recession. No wonder why so many economists say our economic system will meltdown way before that. All of this is making inflation even worse, and it might be too late for the government to get the situation back in control. The smart ones will be ready in advance for the Great Depression that is looming on the horizon.

The Depression of the 1930s caused a lot of damage to our country, but the next crisis will be far, far worse. Today our economy is much more interconnected, and if the U.S. goes down, the rest of the world will suffer too. No one will come to our rescue, especially now that all major economies are experiencing continued disruptions. Have you ever imagined what a world without enough energy for everyone looks like? Or without enough food? Have you ever considered what you will have to do to survive in a world of limited resources? Because that's what you should start thinking about right now. This is going to be our future, and most people remain unaware of the risks and threats that are coming for us. But you have been warned. So the only question left is: Are you prepared?"

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