Friday, October 7, 2022

"Sleepwalking To The Gates of Hell"

"Sleepwalking To The Gates of Hell"
by Martin Armstrong

Click here to listen to my latest interview with Outer Limits.

"With or without our consent, humanity is being dragged into a horrific third world war. Martin speaks with Ryan McCormick from The Outer Limits of Inner Truth  and gives a sobering assessment and forecast of how, why, and what to expect when hell on earth manifests.

Martin also discusses:
· The likelihood that Americans will be subjected to, and willingly accept a Chinese-style social credit rating system.
· What the past eight civilizations that have collapsed (with the exception of Egypt post-1250 BC) all have in common.
· If the push for green energy will fully succeed in the US or only prevail in a limited number of states.
· When China becomes the epicenter of economic activity by 2032, will it drastically increase it's sphere of influence and political ideologies the same way the US did in post World War II.
· What form of government in history was most favorable to individual rights and what nations and states will have the most freedom in the future."

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