Saturday, October 8, 2022

"Major Escalation in Russia-Ukraine War as Crimean Bridge Gets Blown Up"

Full screen recommended.
"Major Escalation in Russia-Ukraine War
 as Crimean Bridge Gets Blown Up"
"Ukraine has reportedly struck the Crimean Bridge. The bridge, which serves as the only land link between Crimea and the Russian mainland has been a symbol of Moscow ever since it annexed the peninsula in 2014. Residents reported heavy explosion around 6 am local time on Saturday, after which the bridge was seen to be ablaze with some of its portions caving in and collapsing. Visuals that have now flooded social media show a train on fire. That’s what Russia is saying caused the fire. Russian officials in Crimea are saying the fuel tanker caught fire. What that doesn’t explain is why this would happen only if a train were burning. Watch to know more."
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