Tuesday, October 4, 2022

"Russia Deploys Doomsday Nuclear Ocean Drones As Global Economic Meltdown Looms"

by Mike Adams

"Russia has now officially deployed the world's largest submarine which can carry up to eight "apocalypse drone" torpedoes. When detonated, one of these drones unleashes a highly destructive, 1,500 foot high radioactive tsunami that inundates coastal areas of the targeted country, rendering them uninhabitable. Notably, America's most important power centers - government, finance, military and trade - are all located near the coasts.

At the same time, the US government and State Dept are pushing Russia toward nuclear war, practically begging for Putin to nuke the United States before Election Day so that Democrats don't have to face an actual election where 20+ states have new election integrity laws in place.

Get the full report on this, plus the Fed's currency wars with Europe, and a special asset protection interview in today's feature article and podcast here:"
"Russian State TV Threatens Nuclear Strike On 
UK And Warns Of Radioactive Tidal Wave"

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