Tuesday, July 6, 2021

"A Critique of mRNA Vaccines"

"A Critique of mRNA Vaccines"
by Martin Armstrong

"This is a reasonable 25-minute video on COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccine. Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole discusses the virus & the vaccine including how it works & the spike protein impact. Also, he discusses the implications of vaccination for people who already have COVID-19 antibodies. The real question: why are governments mandating vaccines or pushing them? Have they just been bribed?

There is no independent review standing between the companies and the people. That is our greatest problem - TRUST. Meanwhile, Twitter bans anyone for even claiming a family member died from the vaccine. This is really getting out of hand. Twitter should be shut down as an agent of propaganda. How will we ever get the truth with all this political censorship?"
Hat tip to The Burning Platform

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  1. Well julie, I regret to inform you of the impossibility of "disappoining" you, since that, by definition, would mean your expectations were not met, and that's your problem, not mine. Everything here is factually scientifically valid, verifiable, and active linked. Unquestioningly believing Fauci's proven lies is a sad choice, especially regarding this so-called "vaccine", the consequences of which you'll experience, and deeply regret...

  2. You're correct....my expectations were higher than info delivered...please share your vetting process.

  3. Now that's a curious thing... "my expectations were higher than info delivered." How could you anticipate whether an article meets your "expectations", supposedly to reinforce your pre-determined opinion?
    "Vetting?" I post what I believe to be truth, and have always and forever clearly stated that the reader should make thier own informed determination of truth. Believe what you need to...