Sunday, July 4, 2021

Greg Hunter, "Using Disaster Capitalism to Control All Humans"

"Using Disaster Capitalism to Control All Humans"
By Greg Hunter’s 

"Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts contends CV19 and vaccines to cure it are all part of the “Going Direct Reset.” Fitts explains, “This is so simple at the root. The central bankers are using the government to shut down the main street economy, and then they are going direct and injecting money into the private equity firms and Wall Street who are running around the country buying things. Think of this as a leverage buyout of the world. We are being purchased with our own money. Also, we are liable. If you look at all the debt the government is issuing, our assets are liable for that debt. This is a continuation and consolidation of the financial coup that we have been taking about.”

Fitts goes on to say, “We have had a small group of people who have gotten away with crime, and crime that pays is crime that stays. Now, they are in full blossom. We have been talking about this, and many people have tried to stay in the middle of the road. Now, the message in 2021 is there is no middle of the road. You’ve got to pick sides. This is freedom or tyranny, and tyranny is slavery. We are talking about very invasive slavery because they are planning on installing the smart grid into our bodies. There will be 24/7 surveillance and control of your money. If you don’t behave, they will turn off your money. If they don’t want you to go more than five miles, your money won’t work further than five miles.”

Fitts says the entire CV19 virus and vaccines to fix the problem is simply part of the cruel and brutal plan. Fitts says, “There is no legal basis for an ‘emergency authorization’ even though they have done that. More important, if you look at what we know about the vaccine injuries, the type of vaccine injuries and the extent of them, it is shocking that these have not been shut down. We are talking about serious physical harm coming to the people who are taking them. There is recent information that has come out of the Japanese health agency, and one of the indications is we are seeing toxicity in the female organs. If you look at the damage that is being done, I am told it’s impossible to not know this before they started giving these injections. We may be looking at a full blown sterilization program.”

Fitts has much more to say in this 36 min interview. Join Greg Hunter on Rumble as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of "The Solari Report".

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