Friday, July 9, 2021

"Trouble is Coming! Lines of Credit Closed Without Warning"

Full screen recommended.
Dan, IAllegedly PM 7/9/21:
"Trouble is Coming! Lines of Credit Closed Without Warning"
"Trouble is coming! Wells Fargo bank has just announced that it will be closing lines of credit on the individuals and businesses without warning. This will dramatically affect peoples ability to get a new line of credit and lower their FICO scores."
Peter Schiff Interview:
"We Are About To Suffer Big Time" 
"Wells Fargo Shuts Down All Lines Of Credit!
Looting Causes Target To Close Stores! - Full Spectrum Survival"
"Possibly a Real Warning: Go Fill Up Your Gas Tank Now -
 Something May Be Going Down"
"THE WARNING: Flying J, Pilot, and all of their subsidiaries have been told that the next shipment of gas will be their last shipment, and to shut the pumps off when they reach 10 percent. Secondary confirmation said Cenex, which is not associated with Flying J/Pilot got the same message."

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