Friday, October 9, 2020

"Where Is The Compassion?"

"Where Is The Compassion?"
by Bill Rice, Jr.

"Where is compassion for the millions who’ve suffered harm from lockdowns? Like myself, I’m sure many Americans are starting to grow tired of being labeled “insensitive” or “uncaring” or lacking compassion because we are perceived as not caring about “at-risk” people who might contract the coronavirus. Let’s talk about “compassion for our fellow man.”

• Where’s the compassion for the single mom who is increasingly struggling to purchase diapers or baby formula for her children? Where’s the compassion for the victims of child abuse, which is no doubt spiking due to the collapse of the economy?

• Where’s the compassion for those who have already committed suicide, or attempted suicide or will do either in coming months and years?

• Where’s the compassion for the tens of thousands of business owners who have permanently closed their businesses, or for the tens of millions of unemployed former employees? Where’s the compassion for those who have been forced to declare bankruptcy, or are agonizing over doing this?

• Where’s the compassion for the millions of college students who are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and depression over draconian campus policies that keep them isolated and prevents them from receiving a real education?

• Where’s the compassion for the younger school children who are unnecessarily living in fear? Where’s the compassion for the same children who can’t even play or socialize with other children anymore?

• Where’s the compassion for the hundreds of millions of people in impoverished nations who will suffer famine, misery or death because food logistic systems are falling apart?

• Where’s the compassion for those who spent weeks or months in a hospital - for every health reason - and could not spend a minute with their loved ones, many dying alone by themselves?

• Where’s the compassion for family members who received no comfort from neighbors and friends after their loved one died because these people were not allowed to attend their funeral?

I’m not even mentioning the terrifying disappearance of fundamental rights and liberties that are being forfeited at a mind-boggling pace, or the growth of authoritarian governments. Or our “new normal,” which now censors and bullies those who happen to hold opposing views.

Do most Americans now believe that less freedom and more government control will benefit mankind? Has anyone else noticed the surge in violent crimesoccurring in practically every city in this country?

Am I the only person who has noticed the arguments and fights that have become commonplace over mask and COVID policies? Families and life-long friendships have been destroyed over debates over these issues. Is the extreme polarization of an entire country a positive development for families and society?

I wonder if people realize all of the above is actually happening… or do these people know these things are now commonplace, but simply don’t care? To these people, I’d ask what exactly is your definition of “compassion?”

One would be hard-pressed to find individuals who lack compassion for those who have died due to COVID. However, common sense tells us that “higher risk” citizens are smart enough to take their own precautions. The argument that we should essentially lockdown the world - and everyone should live in constant fear even if their own risks are minuscule - has transformed our country into a grim, unrecognizable place, a world where the worst is probably yet to occur.

COVID has and will continue to claim lives, but 99.9 percent of the country’s population will NOT die from this virus. By now practically every family in the country has already experienced negative consequences or obvious harm… not from the virus, but from the policy responses to the virus. If normal activities continue to be prohibited, the number of Americans who will suffer life-altering hardships will approach 100 percent of our population.

My question: Where’s the compassion for these hundreds of millions of people?"


  1. Yup, I'm a geezer who has underlying medical issues and had the virus. We took the utmost of precautions staying home as much as we could, always using a mask and alway disinfecting our hands when we returned to the car. We still got it and survived. Shutting down the economy was a dumb idea and I think will kill more people than the virus. But what do I know as I am not one of our exulted rulers.

  2. Hi TJ, great to "see" you! 2 out of 3 isn't bad here, either, "geezer who has underlying medical issues" resounds mightily here! lol I suppose I qualify for geezerhood, being 69 years old. I share your question, too, 'what do I know..." Nothing much I fear...
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, my friend. Stay well and strong, always.