Saturday, October 10, 2020

"15 Things You Should Do Before The Imminent Economic Collapse 2020 Worldwide Starvation"

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"15 Things You Should Do Before The Imminent 
Economic Collapse 2020 Worldwide Starvation"
by Epic Economist

"In this video, we decided to bring you a list with 15 last-minute preps that will help you survive a catastrophic collapse. Considering everything we have warned throughout the history of our channel, and how many of these things in fact happened, we decided to gather tips to help you in case you ever find yourself having to quickly prepare to face the effects of a societal meltdown. 

You don’t have to do everything by the book, you just have to do something. We know that living conditions aren't favorable for lots of people right now, and not everyone has the means, time, and energy to dive head-on into the universe of preparedness. But you don't need a huge stockpile or to learn everything there is to know about wilderness survival to actually stay safe, keep your family members secured, minimize the effects of uncertainty and ensure a certain level of comfort not to let yourself be defeated by a situation that is beyond your control.

After taking a look at all the developments we witnessed this year, we do have reason to believe that things are going to get a whole lot worse. Just follow the track of events with us: we're seeing over 60 million Americans out of their job posts, thousands of companies filing for bankruptcy, a completely wrecked political scenario, an exhausted economic system, a massive debt bubble that continues to grow every day it goes by, and in the meantime, our relationship with our natural surroundings only gets more destructive and, as a result, more natural disasters spread worldwide. 

In the past, we warned you about the possibility of a global health crisis, and unfortunately, that's exactly where we are at right now. We have alerted that unpredictable natural disasters could drive tens of thousands of people into despair, leaving grocery shelves empty, and we just experienced that. 

We have argued how the current economic collapse would be much bigger and much more dangerous than the Great Depression, and that turned out to be proven true. We have told you that a biblical wave of bankruptcies was being formed at the horizon and today we're are seeing it crash and drag 50% of all small businesses with it, while large corporations are being supported by intensive care, and tens of millions of jobs are permanently lost.

We have discussed about the ruthless character of our leaders and how a food shortage made by design could compromise our ability to afford food and limit our access to the essentials we needed. And in recent days, we could see the disturbing effects of supply chain disruptions and we're now on the verge of the most shocking and calamitous hunger crisis ever witnessed in the developed world.

All we ever aimed to do was deliver you the difficult news that the mainstream media outlets purposedly fails to assess. They try to conceal the inconvenient truths to keep the population unaware of the risks they'll face in the future, fearing that a well-informed, anger and dissatisfied public would react, accelerating the pace of the deterioration of the system. But the more they try to keep us in the dark, the more we seek a way out of darkness. 

That’s why, we always tried to maintain a truthful dialogue with our viewers, highlighting the importance of being conscious and prepared for the challenges ahead. We don't want to spread panic nor despair. We want you to know what is happening when the time comes will know what to do. We want to disseminate real information, but the reality is: things are not looking good.

So we thought it would be helpful to know what could make a difference to guarantee your protection, because after all there is more life to live beyond what we conceive as civilization. For that reason, we gathered a list of last-minute preps for you to do or get before it’s too late."

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