Wednesday, October 7, 2020

"America Is On The Brink Of A Major Food Shortage! Be Ready For Worldwide Hunger Crisis"

"America Is On The Brink Of A Major Food Shortage!
 Be Ready For Worldwide Hunger Crisis"
by Epic Economist

"As we approach the holiday season, a new era of hunger crisis is spreading nationwide. While the government decided to postpone conversations about a new stimulus relief until after the elections, a leading food bank has warned that the U.S will face food shortages of up to 8 billion meals in the coming months.

A new tsunami of layoffs is being formed on the horizon which will likely make millions of Americans go hungry for the first time in their lives. More alarmingly, the number of hungry children has skyrocketed, and the dependency on food banks has soared over the past months as they face disruptions in both donations and volunteer work. That’s why, in this video, we reflected upon the devastating repercussions of the 2020 US hunger crisis.

The Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey released a poll that showed that about 22.3 million adults were already facing food insecurity. The number of households turning into their local food banks has continuously increased throughout the past year, but ever since the health crisis struck America, food insecurity has spiraled out of control.

A recent report disclosed that Feeding America is alerting it may experience a massive food shortage within the next twelve months. The organization forecasts a 6 billion to 8 billion meal shortfall until mid-2021, projecting the total need for charitable food over the next year could get to 17 billion pounds, more than three times last year’s distribution.

A recent survey found out food banks have seen a 56 percent increase in demand, and this overwhelming rise is bringing multiple challenges to their operation, because, on top of the food shortages they are facing, volunteerism has also significantly declined this year, making it even more difficult to help the families in need, considerably complicating the food distribution process. 

Furthermore, an analysis indicated 10 percent of American households are food insecure. To make things worse, between 9 and 14 percent percent of adults with kids said their children sometimes or often went hungry, which translates in 5 million schoolchildren who are living in a household where people can’t afford sufficient food.

The number of severely underweight children amazingly-increased, as parents were laid-off and couldn’t find ways to provide enough food. These large figures represent a failure of the federal government’s food programs, many of which are scheduled to end this week unless President Trump signs new legislation, which seems unlikely. Meanwhile, the deteriorating economic conditions have prompted all states to issue emergency supplements to food programs to provide all households maximum benefit. 

Research has shown that kids living in food-insecure households are prone to suffer elevated rates of anemia, asthma, long-term neurological damage, and many other ailments. Hungry children cannot concentrate at school, and inevitably are likely to fall behind their classmates.

Food banks across the country are completely flooded with thousands of cars are lining up to get food, registering a 600 percent increase in demand in South Florida, while in New York City, the number of people reliant on one emergency food pantry went from 3,715 in February to over 18,000 at the present moment.

But in New Jersey, things are way darker, more than one million New Jerseyans could suffer food insecurity, the number of those who have limited access to food supplies is expected to grow by more than 50% by December due to the catastrophic economic collapse, which proves that it largely exceeds the depth of the 2008 financial crash. 

The current hunger crisis and food shortages are solely the result of political decisions. Their decisions aren’t considering for a second all the families in need. Instead, their only preoccupation was how to keep food prices up. The famine problem is about to become a major national emergency."

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