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Jim Kunstler, "The Four F**keries"

"The Four F**keries"
by Jim Kunstler

“We want to save the planet, and the life upon it, but we’re not willing to pay the price and bear the consequences. So we make up a narrative that feels good and run with it.” 
- Raul Ilargi Meier

"I doubt there is another era in the history of Western Civ when the forces in-motion acting on society were so mystifying to those acted upon. And isn’t it especially galling that this is so in an age after rational scientific practice had decoded so many of nature’s secrets? Did that project somehow fail in the end? Has the Enlightenment been defeated? How have we become trapped like frogs being boiled haplessly in our own pond-water?

I have reduced these forces to four obvious streams of the sheerest seemingly evil f**kery, which is to say nefariously managed events meant to harm us. They are surely all related in some way. Let’s try to de-mystify them to understand what we’re up against.

First: Covid-19. How is it that we don’t know for sure how this organism came into the world, or understand what ensued after it did? Answer: the people who caused it to happen in the Wuhan lab have been busy covering their asses for three years, and successfully so. Yet we know exactly what Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and others did. The paper trail in correspondence and patents alone is clear. We just can’t seem to do anything about it.

We don’t know why they did it yet, too, but there are plausible guesses. Maybe Dr. Fauci wanted to cap his long, checkered career with a final heroic triumph: the introduction of world-saving mRNA vaccines - incidentally, a great financial boon to himself and the pharma industry he secretly served. Like everything else Fauci worked on for forty years, this experiment ended in disaster: a Frankenstein disease that persists in the population and vaccines that maim and kill people. How did Fauci and company get away with it? Here’s how:

Two: Government’s war on its own citizens. I’d date this for the sake of simplicity to DOJ’s and FBI’s campaign to defenestrate Donald Trump starting in 2016 for the crime of winning an election. What began as the Russia collusion prank morphed into RussiaGate, another ass-covering extravaganza in which public officialdom gave itself blanket permission to lie about everything it was doing. The likes of James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Barack Obama’s girl squad in the White House - to name just a few of many participants - also managed to hook in the mainstream news media under the supposition that they were the good guys fighting a disgusting, pussy-grabbing supervillain, which disposed the news media to go along with all the FBI and DOJ lies, and also strand the media in an endless loop of ass-covering they are still locked into.

Bottom line: all involved came to recognize that there was no accountability for their wicked deeds and lying about them, and that became an all-purpose license for everyone in public life to lie about everything and anything ever after - including Dr. Fauci and his colleagues, who watched RussiaGate roll out for four years before the debut of Covid-19. This license to act wrongfully and lie about it extends, by the way, to the epic election mischief carried out programmatically by the Democratic Party’s Lawfare arm in 2020 and 2022, and the installation of a fake president.

Three: Wokery, the Marxist campaign to disorder society in order to overthrow existing institutions and replace them with a utopian dictatorship of the intersectionally oppressed - also known as The Revenge of the Losers. Its primary tactic is to normalize mental illness. Wokery is often described as a new kind of religion, but that’s mainly because all of its proffers and principles are irrational, as is characteristic of all religions. Also, as in many religions, Wokery in practice is preoccupied with coercion and punishment - which is natural for a movement based on vengeance - and often to a sadistic degree. It laughs at the idea of redemption. Its adversaries are never forgiven, only dealt additional punishments for asking.

The mystery here is how Wokery was incorporated into the operating system of the Democratic Party. The answer is the party needed something to replace its erstwhile corpus of organized industrial workers, gone with the winds of Globalism, and so it valorized the various categories of the mentally ill, the permanently downtrodden, and sundry persons who had become economic hostages to its corrupt system of payments and grants. High above that ragtag-and-bobtail of crazies reigned an aristocracy of the so-called cognitive elite, people of unquestioned virtue, college professors, the creative class, the credentialed echelon - super-busy signaling their good intentions to their vassals to keep them in line.

Wokery, you may have noticed, is also a “religion” dominated by women, and a particular strain of women: those left grossly disappointed by the promises of feminism in its several iterations, that is, the ideal of having brilliant careers minus family and children - producing an implacable, inchoate, and transmissible rage at the world and a fierce wish-to-punish others not so disposed to Woke dogma. So, it’s no surprise that so much of that dogma emanated from the humanities departments of the universities where such careerist feminist intellectuals flocked and marinated in their disappointments. Thus, too, their avatar: the ever cold-blooded and fiendish Hillary Clinton, forever seeking requital for her life’s losses. Hillary leads us to the world stage, and to…

Four, the most mysterious of the four f**keries: Globalism as represented by the World Economic Forum (WEF) led by the quasi-comical Klaus Schwab. Supposedly - and I can’t endorse this proposition - it is a front for some cabal of exalted international bankers and oligarchs, the proverbial Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Soros and Bill Gates and their various subalterns. There is certainly a lot of money involved and, as the old saying goes, Money talks and bullshit walks. There is also a ton of chatter about this selfsame cabal centering around a Satanic child molestation cult.

I dunno about this, either. Seems plumb cuckoo to me. And yet, how do you explain Jeffrey Epstein’s activities, and how he got it away with all of it, until he was offed right under Attorney General Bill Barr’s nose? How to explain the deification of transsexuals by the folks in-charge of culture and politics? You are dared to condemn such outrageous insults to human hard-wired morality as the Drag Queen Story Hour.

It’s hypothesized that the Satanic sex module is just of a piece with the WEF’s Transhumanism project: to engineer a super-race that will manage and enjoy the perqs of life-on-earth as a previously unseen hermaphroditic genus, and all the performative kink sexuality on display is just a preview of that, to soften us up. More to the point though, is the idea that this WEF elite will rule a planet of lower-order slaves (us), to mine their lithium and mix their drinks. And along with that is the much-heard narrative of the WEF seeking to severely reduce the earth’s current human population. I’m not wholly on-board with believing any of this; just sayin’ it’s all ‘out there’ and, crazy as it sounds, it is hard to explain.

Except in this way. Readers know that I have retailed my personal view of a collapsing techno-industrial society as The Long Emergency. My own conviction is this: that the general apprehension of such an event, now on-going, has generated among the citizenry such terror as to drive society crazy. (Mass Formation is a related interpretation, not necessary to go into here.)

I suppose this has happened to most other civilizations that wobbled and fell. The one best-known to me - because I wrote about it in "The City in Mind" (2002) - is the psychosis that overcame the Aztecs 1519 to 1521. It is the weirdest story in history that I know of. Aztec civilization was barely two hundred years old. The great city-state of Tenochtitlan had quickly grown to about a million when Hernan Cortés and Company, representing Spain of the Inquisition, marched in. Cortés, in his gleaming steel helmet, was the personification of the Aztecs’ deity-in-chief, Huitzilopochtli, their sun god, and the theological narrative that went with him - that Huitzilopochtli would return to the world from wherever elsewhere the gods reposed and destroy everything. In fact, that’s exactly what Señor Cortés and his few-hundred soldiers proceeded to do to a million Aztecs and their culture.

But during the two years Cortés sojourned among them, the Aztecs went batshit crazy ramping up their previously modest program of human sacrifice - a few hapless captives now and again - to a fantastic ritual mass bloodbath, cutting the hearts out of hundreds at a time atop their great pyramid to propitiate Huitzilopochtli and persuade him, by such a bloody performance of their devotion, to not end their world. It ended anyway, though another world (arguably not a better one) took its place: Mexico.

This is the kind of periodic human mass insanity that I see in the Four F**keries now loose in the world as Western Civ wobbles. The trouble is, having replaced our gods with science, we have no deity to propitiate. Just endless hypotheses of what’s to come."

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