Tuesday, November 29, 2022

"Breaking News: 5 Million Soldiers To Be Mobilized"

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Canadian Prepper 11/29/22:
"Breaking News: 5 Million Soldiers To Be Mobilized"
"Russia may be actually mobilizing MILLIONS for war according to intelligence agencies. China's cases are about to explode... Things are spiraling out or control."
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  1. Wish Vlad lotsa luck with that. They couldn't even scrape up uniforms, boots, and rifles for the 200K they tried to mobilize last fall, because imaginary Russian army supplies in storage are made of vaporware, and the funds and/or equipment were embezzled years ago.
    And what they do have is Potemkin supplies: "helmets" made of plastic, body armor with pot metal plates with an NIJ rating of 0, reactive tank armor filled with rubber blocks instead of HE.

    5M mobilized? How do you say "giggleworthy fustercluck" in Russian?