Tuesday, November 29, 2022

"Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Has Not Given Up on Kherson Yet; Kherson Retreat"

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Firstpost, 11/29/22:
"Russia-Ukraine War:
 Russia Has Not Given Up on Kherson Yet; Kherson Retreat"
"Take a look at the map of Ukraine. Kherson is situated in the south of Ukraine. It was one of the first provinces to be taken by the Russians after the invasion of Ukraine began. Then, Moscow retreated from the west bank of the Dnipro River earlier this month. Ukraine celebrated it. The retreat was termed as arguably the biggest blow to Vladimir Putin since the war began. But there's a catch. Russia still holds control of a majority of Kherson, that is to the east of the Dnipro river. And since then, it has made the life of Ukraine's forces and citizens a living hell."
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Hey, we, Good American Taxpayers, have paid at least $75 billion to
 buy a ticket to this circus, aren't you curious how it's going? You should be...

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