Wednesday, October 19, 2022

"People Skipping Meals As Food Prices Triple: Prepare Yourself For Planned Starvation"

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"People Skipping Meals As Food Prices Triple: 
Prepare Yourself For Planned Starvation"
by Epic Economist

"In an ominous sign of the turbulent times we're all living in, we're starting to see people go through some really extreme things. According to new research, millions of people in America are skipping meals every day because of the high cost of food. Even in the world's richest country, families are depriving themselves of their basic necessities due to the worst cost of living crisis in a generation. In some states, nearly 75 percent of U.S. households can’t afford enough to eat. Conditions are getting exceedingly hard for our population, and to make things worse, a number of factors are now converging to create the biggest food crisis we’ve witnessed in our lifetime.

The pain caused by the highest living expenses we’ve seen since the 1970s is economically eviscerating millions of families in the US and in the entire world. A new study conducted by the UN highlights that some things that are happening right now in developing nations are “foreshadowing” what’s coming soon to America. The new report released by the UN World Food Program uncovered that nearly 9 of 10 families in Sri Lanka are skipping meals to stretch out their food supply. The analysis underlined that what’s going on in countries like Sri Lanka right now is a “sneak peek” at what life will be like in America when food shortages and food inflation really start to bite.

In America, grocery prices have spiked to record-breaking levels, and the rising costs aren’t stopping. With grocery inflation hitting 12 percent in September, marking the highest spike over a 365-day period since 1974, a survey conducted by DebtHammer revealed that we’re not so distant from the reality that’s gripping developing nations like Sri Lanka after all.

The study found that nearly half of Americans, or 45%, are skipping meals as a result of inflated, unaffordable prices. The main reason why approximately 122 million people in the nation are eating less is to cut back on food spending to be able to afford other essential expenses, such as energy, rent, and gas, researchers noted. In some states, the percentage of people eating less to be able to get by is eerily close to Sri Lanka’s. For instance, a separate survey by CouponBirds exposed that in West Virginia, more than 7 in 10 people, or 75% of all West Virginians, are skipping meals because of the skyrocketing cost of food.

If food prices continue to increase at this rate, which largely outpaces increases in wages, the inevitable consequence is an explosion in the number of people facing food insecurity. The outlook for American crop production remains bleak, which means that the food you see in your grocery stores won’t be so plentiful a few months from now. Prices are actually as low as they’ll get for a while. From now on, supplies are expected to get even tighter and food inflation is going to climb higher and higher. We must keep in mind that it takes time to grow food – and the current disruptions in food production are a recipe for disaster in the very near future. With farmers worldwide experiencing the same problems simultaneously, there’s no way out."

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