Friday, September 23, 2022

"World War III Has Already Begun, But The Truth Is Being Withheld From The Public"

"World War III Has Already Begun, 
But The Truth Is Being Withheld From The Public"
by Mike Adams

"World War III has already begun. You simply aren't being told this because your government and dishonest media outlets are dedicated to keeping you in the dark. Conditions are already long past the point of negotiation or de-escalation between Russia and the west. Unfortunately, the insanity of western nations has escalated this conflict to a condition where whoever launches nukes first has the advantage.

Anyone living in Western Europe should prepare for economic collapse, famine and nuclear war. Those living in North America should prepare for economic collapse and worldwide nuclear fallout that will disrupt crops for years to come. Those who don't store food will end up eating radioactive food, if they can find any at all."
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