Friday, March 19, 2021

Covid-19: "Basic Arithmetic For Leftist Losers"

"Basic Arithmetic For Leftist Losers"
by Joe Martin

"From the very beginning of this Sino-Lung-Rot nightmare we have been told we have to listen to the science. This has included being told emphatically that we must wear masks. Now this particular piece of propaganda has been increased to wearing two masks.

I can't see being the only one who is reaching their Howard Beale breaking point. So before anyone starts throwing open windows and banging on pots I thought maybe it was time for some basic ammunition for conservatives and simple arithmetic that even idiot leftists might understand. (Don't hold your breath on that.) So here we go.

Numerous published sources have stated that the diameter of the covid virus is 125 microns. The diameter of the openings in your standard surgical mask is 75 microns. The linear ratio between these two numbers is 600 to 1. But we're not talking about linear ratios. We need to look at this in terms of cross-sectional areas.

We were all taught at a very young age that the area of a circle is determined by a very simple formula. A= π×r2.

For the virus...
0.125÷2= .0625
.0625×.0625= .00390625
.00390625×π= .0122718463 square microns.

For the mask openings...
75÷2= 37.5
37.5×37.5= 1406.25
1406.25×π= 4417.8646691 square microns.

So now when we divide the cross sectional area of the mask openings by the cross sectional area of the virus we get...
4417.8646691÷.0122718463= 360,000.00009
A ratio of 360,000 to 1!!!

To put it in language even a leftist troll might, and I say only might, understand... This is not the equivalent of expecting to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence, it's expecting to stop a dust mote! If you think this massive ratio is going to be reduced by wearing two or three or twelve masks I doubt even a remedial class in arithmetic is going to help."


  1. Thanks again for the link.
    I have corrected the typo on the size of the virus. It should read 0.125 not 125.

    1. Thank you very much for the excellent article, Joe, very appreciated. Correction made. Thanks for stopping by, and all the best to you, always.