Friday, March 24, 2023

Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Wrap-Up 3/24/23"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 3/24/23"
Ignoring CV19 Bioweapon Deaths, 
Radioactive Ukraine, More Bank Calamity
by Greg Hunter’s

"More and more people are falling over dead from the CV19 bioweapon vax. Many are young people like 19-year-old boxing champion Jude Moore, who fell over dead this week with no known reported cause of death. Is anyone interested in why people are falling over dead in record numbers? Does anyone ask if the person is vaxed? Why are doctors “baffled”? Is America going to wake up to the genocide that is happening all around them? All questions will be answered in the affirmative sooner than later.

Don’t fall for the propaganda that Ukraine is winning the war with Russia. NATO wants to turn the tide for the obliterated Ukraine army. So, it is offering Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons to burn through Russian tanks. Russia says it is a form of nuclear warfare, and it will respond in kind. DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, and it contaminates everything it touches–forever!! The move is desperate and highly dangerous for all living things. In Ukraine, where these weapons are used, nothing will ever recover from the radioactive fallout.

The Fed raised interest rates even though we were told, once again, the Fed was going to pause and even cut interest rates. What is going on? The Fed appears to be protecting the U.S. dollar while printing money for bank bailouts. It’s QT and QE, or tightening and printing, at the same time. It looks like the Fed is desperate to hold the financial system together. Is your money really insured? There is much more in the 45-minute news cast."

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