Friday, March 24, 2023

"15 Prepping Items That Have Dramatically Soared In Price Lately"

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"15 Prepping Items That Have 
Dramatically Soared In Price Lately"
by Epic Economist

"The fabric of society seems to be falling apart at the seams, and now we’re witnessing a historic inflationary spike, supply chain disruptions, an uptick in natural disasters, and cyberattacks on energy plants and fuel pipelines, while corruption and moral decay is taking over our institutions, and social turbulence is rising all across the country. All of these factors are combining to create the powder keg that is going to explode into widespread chaos.

Preppers who are concerned about their future have already started to stock up on the essentials they will need to survive apart from the rest of society when the collapse accelerates. But everyone else seems to be in shock as they watch the destruction of everything they have always depended upon.

In recent years, prices of consumer basics have shoot up, and Americans have seen nearly every product from food to supplies becoming extremely expensive and oftentimes out of their reach. For example, grains are skyrocketing in price. They are rich in fiber, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are key to our diets, but we usually take them for granted. If properly stored, grains can last up to 25 years in your stockpile. That’s why they’re a perfect survival food that will provide you with the nutrients you need while being extremely versatile and adaptable in many recipes. However, global grain supplies have been cut by over 25% since the Russia and Ukraine conflict broke out.

Prices of wheat, corn, soy and more have experienced significant increases, and the mass crop destruction of 2022 caused by extreme weather events is yet to hit the U.S. food supply chain. In other words, we haven’t seen the worst of the grain shortage just yet, and short supplies will soon be translated into even higher prices. Buying grains for long-term storage while your are still have them available is the wisest thing to do now. Although prices may be higher than they used to be, having a pantry full of non-perishable items is insurance for whatever could happen in the months and years ahead. If geopolitical conflicts and climate events worsen this year, worsen, grocery stores may not have anything to put on their shelves. And even though we all hope for the best-case scenario, preparing for the worst-case scenario offers stability during uncertain times.

Given that this trend is likely to continue and get even worse in the months ahead, it is only a matter of time before major civil conflicts emerge in the U.S., and our economic, financial, and social infrastructures crumble down. That’s why today, we compiled several products that already spiked in price, and that are about to get even more unaffordable soon. We should all be stockpiling these items now before they face further price hikes or aren’t available at the stores anymore.

We must face the fact that all of these prepping items and many more are going to get even more expensive as hyperinflation sets in and the supply chain crisis reignites. At a first glance, stocking up on food, supplies, and fuel may seem illogical due to the cost. But as survivalists often advise, having these items at your disposal is far more advantageous than having your money sit around while its real-world value steadily collapses. Thinking about preparedness is thinking about your future and how you and your family deserve a good life regardless of the mess that is going on in the rest of the world. So let’s get ready while there’s still time left."
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