Friday, October 28, 2022

"The Day That Europe Died"

"The Day That Europe Died"
by Mike Adams

"Breaking news: BASF has announced they are partially shuttering operations in Germany and moving capacity to China.

Today is the pivot point. Europe dies from here forward, and it doesn't recover for generations. It's done. Almost nobody realizes this yet, but the dominoes are already falling. Europe is rapidly plunging into a continent on a collision course with total collapse: no industry, no supply chains, no energy, no metals, no fertilizer and no food. The "first world" status of Europe will be a distant memory after just 2-3 winters without food and energy, and once Europe's industrial infrastructure is shuttered, there's no easy way to bring it back online.

This is going to end in mass civil unrest, famine, pandemics and WAR. It will also see revolutions and the toppling of governments, currencies and entire economies. The house of cards is coming down."

Get the full details - plus an emergency interview with an expert on this - in today's feature article and podcast here:

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