Friday, October 14, 2022

Jim Kunstler, "We’re Coming For You"

"We’re Coming For You"
by Jim Kunstler

"Slip slidin’ away… Slip slidin’ away… 
You know the nearer your destination… 
The more you’re slip slidin’ away…" 
- Paul Simon

"Have you noticed, as the election looms, the Party of Chaos trips deeper into its own self-created chaos? Turns out that the effort to make Ukraine the fifty-first state is not going over so well with the voters. Nor is the campaign to convince children to switch sexes. Or the crusade to sell ever more mRNA “vaccines” that the CDC knows good-and-goshdarn-well is killing and maiming credulous citizens by the millions. Or the program for importing limitless alien “vibrance” across the open border with Mexico. As the venerable Rolling Stones sang more than a half century ago: “Rape… murder… it’s just a shot away!” This is the kind of country that the Party of Chaos has been grooming you up for.

It’s not working. We are coming for you: leaders, mesmerized minions, and obliging tools of this Satanic faction that seized the levers of power in America and turned them into wrecking bars. After the nervous hiatus from November to January, we’re coming for you in 2023. You are going to answer for the decisions you took and the rules you made that drove our country to its knees and half out of it mind. We are storming you in your Kafka’s Castle of lies and malice, and we are going to drag you out of there kicking and screaming. Preserving your decorum will not be our first consideration, Rochelle Walensky, Tony Fauci, Alejandro Mayorkas, Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and the people who work for you.

There’s a lot of loose talk about some as-yet-unknown Party of Chaos’s ploy to stave off the November 8th reckoning - say, drag out the vote count for weeks and confabulate the results… declare some emergency to shut down in-person voting… or somehow postpone the vote altogether. Nothing like that will go over successfully this time around. The lamp-posts in the WalMart parking lots could be decorated with dangling local election officials who get caught churning phony ballots, tweaking Dominion machines, and taping-up the polling places’ windows with cardboard.

You’re getting no help, meantime, from the folks who run the maundering flunkey you installed as president. They just flipped-off Sergey Lavrov’s invitation to negotiate some reasonable end to your $60-plus billion orchestrated fiasco in Ukraine. These are the people that party apostate Tulsi Gabbard identified lately as “an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.” She got that exactly right, and at exactly the right moment in history, too.

Did you actually propose, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, that the purpose of our misadventure in Ukraine was “to weaken Russia?” How’s that working out? I’ll tell you: Russia is fixing to wipe up the floor with its Nazi antagonists in Kiev (and their NATO helpers). Russia is proceeding with prudence and determination to neutralize our country’s foolish provocations, even despite “Joe Biden’s” admission that “Armageddon” is an option. Here’s some news for you, Party of Chaos: Russia is not insane, but you surely are. You, Lloyd Austin, are busy destroying the American military with your deranged sexual boundary bamboozle. Your sinister “vaccine” policies that have led, among other disasters, to a tripling of cancer rates in the ranks. What, exactly, have you succeeded in weakening?

Do you think the American people have failed to notice this? How are those financial sanctions working against Russia, Tony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, and Susan Rice? Here’s how: they energized trade relations and financial settlements between Russia and the 70-percent of the economic world that is outside the orbit of Western Civ. Meanwhile, they drove the birthplace of Western Civ (Europe) to its knees, upon which it is sliding headlong back to the Twelfth Century. Who told you to do that? George Soros? Klaus Schwab? (Oh, by the way, we’re coming for the two of them also, if they’re still alive in 2023.)

We’ve also had enough, Party of Chaos, of your “Green New Deal” and climate change bullshit. The former is a sheer shuck-and-jive. You propose to mandate the end of gasoline-powered cars in favor of electric cars that charge off of fossil fuel fired power plants? That’s rich. Ironically, though, the whole mass-motoring matrix is failing not on the basis of whatever powers a car but on the simple fact that a sinking middle-class, whose destruction you engineered, can’t afford to buy any kind of car anymore, whatever way it’s powered.

As for your climate change hysteria, consider that human culture has gone through scores of climate swings since the Age of the Pharaohs; the main ones being the Bronze Age warming, the Hellenic cooling, the Roman warming, the Dark Age cooling, the medieval warming, the “Little Ice Age” cooling, and now the present-day warming - with evidence that we are slipping back into another cooling.

The truth is that it has always been difficult for civilizations to adapt to these events, but it’s especially difficult for us with our super-complex, mutually-dependent, hyper-tech systems of daily life, not to mention the giant scale of it all, which pretty much guarantees a hard landing for us. We’re not going to run Wal-Mart, Walt Disney World, and the suburbs on any combination of wind, solar, and recycled fry-max oil, so stop pretending, and quit making everything worse than it has to be. We’ve got to make other arrangements for sure, and that will be hard enough - but no thank you on that transhumanist robot utopia you’re trying to sell.

Well, of course, you’d never quit trying. You just have to be defeated. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And after you’re defeated, we’re going to come for you, and stuff your asses into those witness chairs, and compel you to come clean on why you worked so hard to destroy the USA. Maybe you’ll apologize. You should be the first to know, though, that it won’t matter. When did anyone’s apology ever induce in you something besides the demonic lust to inflict more pain on your victims?"

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