Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Canadian Prepper, "Hold On! The Next 6 Months Will Be Chaos"

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Canadian Prepper, 10/12/22:
"Hold On! The Next 6 Months Will Be Chaos"
"In this video I discuss my predictions for how things play out, war economies; USA troop deployments to Europe; NATO dissolves, record energy prices; Russias official declaration of war; Poland clashes with Belarus, enters conflict; Taiwan straight flare up; Nuclear incident; market crash; cyberattacks on critical infrastructure; hard times ahead."
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Full screen recommended.
Firstpost, 10/12/22:
"Belarus Joins Forces with Russia, Threatens Ukraine from the North"
"Russia’s so-called special military operation against Ukraine is now eight months old and running. The United States and NATO countries have provided Ukraine with military and financial aid worth several billions of dollars. Ukraine though, does not really miss an opportunity to berate the West for what it views is insufficient military aid. Ukraine has gone as far as accusing its backers of fearing Russia and trying to avoid direct conflict with Moscow. Joe Biden is understood to have taken up Ukraine’s ungrateful behaviour with Volodymyr Zelensky. According to the Washington Post, Biden told his Ukrainian counterpart that it would be difficult for him to keep asking money from the U.S. Congress if Zelensky appeared ungrateful and kept saying the aid being provided was not enough. That means there is a degree of annoyance against Ukraine’s behaviour that has taken hold of the United States’ political leadership."
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