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"I Heard a Silly Rumor – This Is the End"

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"I Heard a Silly Rumor – This Is the End"
by Phil Butler

"The end of civilization as we know it is at hand. Why more experts have not seized on the reality facing us is perplexing. It came to me like a bolt, the reason the current world order is pushing so hard for nuclear confrontation. The answer is right in front of us. Nuclear Winter.

I don’t need to rehash the craziness and diabolical machinations that have gone on over the past few years. The pandemic, the societal brain blistering that has caused, the lead-up proxy wars, ISIS, crazy presidents, pedophilia, and child sex changes, the Lolita Express, Hunter Biden, Ukraine. And, what about the very real problem of climate change, put into the brainwash blender so average Joe or Judy won’t know up from down? Then there's Bill Gates, population control, and one of Epstein’s chums owning most of America’s farmland. What about that?

Yeah. We are pretty much screwed. They just raided former President Trump’s home, and Tulsi Gabbard, Tucker Carlson, and other prominent conservatives are being labeled “traitors” to America for disagreeing. What's scarier is, it looks like the rest of us is next if you deal at all with social media. And, judging from the level of ignorance about the realities of a US/Russia nuclear confrontation, society is just dumb enough for a dystopian reset. A series of recent articles illustrate.

A USA Today story, and many others recently, have clued me to the two issues I just pointed out. First, it seems feasible that the screwed-up liberal order that got us in this global warming mess in the first place, seem determined to fix it with a perpetual cold front. Second, we’ve been brain battered, propagandized, and dumbed down so far we’re irredeemable. And they know it. Now, let me show you why.

A “new” study referenced in the USA Today story says Nuclear war between the US and Russia would leave 5 billion dead from hunger. The author of the study, a Rutgers University climate scientist named Lili Xia, tells us (again) how thousands of nuclear weapons being detonated will send megatons of ash into the stratosphere, blocking out the sun. This is not new science, and the language the scientist uses is for 8-year-olds or nincompoops. Here’s a snippet. “A large percent of the people will be starving… It’s really bad…. The reduced light, global cooling, and likely trade restrictions after nuclear wars would be a global catastrophe for food security.”

Yes, 12,000 modern nuclear weapons detonating would certainly block out the sun and cause famine, then disease, and maybe even a new Ice Age. The Rutgers charts in the study point to sea and soil temperatures dropping substantially. This would fix global warming but good. But “likely” trade restrictions after global thermonuclear war? This is 21st-century science, the big concern? What are these people smoking? I’ll get to Armageddon in a minute, but first, let me introduce the architects of this climate fix.

Okay, first, Bill Gates did not say the population should be controlled through vaccines. However, he is taking huge steps to prepare for the inevitable. This World Economic Forum story articulates his “warning,” and the Microsoft billionaire is America’s largest private landowner with almost 250,000 acres of farmland.

Now, let’s address what the real Armageddon will look like. I won’t take up your time here. This in-depth report from the height of the Cold War Era through 2003 tells us all we need to know. And if the Rutgers geniuses think their research paints a sad picture, by the time you get to the deep references Dr. Wm. Robert Johnston provides, you’ll realize how few people and animals on this Earth would survive.

These new researchers have made a horrible miscalculation. You see, by the end of the initial nuclear exchange, half the population of the world will be incinerated or blown to bits, and another ¼ will die from radiation and other injuries within weeks. Nothing will work, satellites won’t operate, there won’t be any economy, and the United Nations and most of our institutions will be gone. In the US, 5,800 warheads will have detonated, totaling 3,900 megatons. In Russia, nothing within 200 miles of Moscow will be left alive, not even bugs.

According to Dr. Johnston’s research/scenario, more than 200 nuclear warheads would render hundreds of thousands of kilometers lifeless, ruined, and utterly destroyed. Europe will be a mass open grave. Carnage will stretch from the currently undamaged Kyiv to the Pyrenees. Spain and Portugal may be the last strongholds of living souls. This MIT excerpt from the 2021 book “Nuclear Choices for the Twenty-First Century: A Citizen’s Guide” by Richard Wolfson and Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress, substantiates Johnson’s previous research.

In 60 years, there will still be vast reaches of land that are unusable. Genetic defects will have shown up in a big percentage of the few hundred million who survived. New Zealand and Argentina will be world powers in this new dystopia. We’ll have the brave new world, that marvelous reset Schwab and the globalists have been stirring. Greta Thunberg and the climate alarmists will finally fall silent (one way or another).

And now, I leave you with the final words from our Rutgers genius, Professor Alan Robock, who co-authored the study with Lili Xia, which was aimed at the world’s zombified population. It’s a groundbreaking revelation: “The data tells us one thing: We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening.” Duh! Well, it’s happening. It’s the only strategy of the elites that makes any sense."
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"Poseidon: Russian Underwater Drone That Can Sink Britain"
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"Russian TV threatens 'UK's nuclear annihilation 
with giant radioactive tsunami & Satan-2 missiles'"

And humanity's just insane enough to do it...

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