Tuesday, June 14, 2022

"I Got Bad News - It's About To Get Much Worse"

Jeremiah Babe, PM 6/14//22:
"I Got Bad News - It's About To Get Much Worse, 
Real Estate Market Will Be Pummeled Worse Than 2008"
"The Market Is 'On The Edge Of A Huge Collapse'"
"Some very smart people who know more than I do speak in terms of an 80% drop in the S&P and the Dow. For the last 30 years I have felt that eventually the Dow and gold will reach a one to one or two to one ratio. Currently that ratio is 18 to 1 meaning that 18 ounces of gold will buy the Dow. Arguably, that speaks to massively overvalued stocks and stupidly undervalued gold. And yes, it has happened before, twice in fact.”
- Andy Schectman, President & Owner of Miles Franklin Precious Metals
Full article here:

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