Friday, June 17, 2022

"15 Facts About Depression In America That Will Absolutely Shock You"

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"15 Facts About Depression In America That Will Absolutely Shock You"
by Epic Economist

"Americans have never been so depressed. Over the past 24 months, depression rates almost quadrupled among adults in the United States. Young Americans haven't been immune. In fact, new studies show that about a quarter of children and teens in the country suffer from some type of mental illness. So many things happened in recent years that we can easily understand why so many people have been feeling overwhelmed. The fact that many of us had to remain isolated during lockdowns, while others faced the loss of a loved one, suffered a job loss, or dealt with eviction, financial problems, and food insecurity has taken a toll on our mental health. Right now, antidepressant use is skyrocketing, and yet most people facing depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorder do not have access to the treatment they need. At this point, virtually every new survey that comes out shows that we are extremely unhappy about the economy, our living standards, our working conditions, and our future.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, every year the number of Americans experiencing mental illnesses goes up. “Typically, we would expect depression to peak following the traumatic event and then lower over time. Instead, we found that 12 months into the pandemic, levels of depression remained high,” noted study senior author Sandro Galean. Major depressive disorder is the most common mental disability in the U.S., which is quite worrying considering that people with depressive disorder or symptoms have a 64 percent greater risk of developing coronary artery disease.

For a nation that supposedly “has it all”, how can we possibly be so dissatisfied with everything? Everywhere we look, we can see people that look like they have had their life completely sucked out of them. Maybe things aren't as great as they are portrayed, and even though we "have it all," not everyone has enough to get by. In today's video, we compiled some gloomy stats that show how much Americans have been anxious, depressed, and hopeless in recent years.

Perhaps none of these numbers will be too surprising. Given everything we've been through over the past few years, it's understandable why so many of us are feeling miserable. According to a Marist College poll from December 2021, only 49% of Americans were more optimistic than pessimistic about how things were going to go in the country in 2022. This was the first time since Marist started asking the question in 2009 that the optimistic percentage fell below 50%. When 2021 started, and all that talk about an "economic recovery" was still going on, 56% of Americans had been more optimistic than pessimistic, suggesting that despite the pandemic, some Americans had hope for 2021. By the end of the year, that hope was dashed.

Now that it has become clear that we're actually entering another downturn, most Americans say that the country is going in the wrong direction. Clearly, something has gone very wrong. Hopefully, we can get back to a better normal. Because right now, these numbers are just downright depressing."

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