Friday, June 10, 2022

"All The Data Shows That The Economy Is Collapsing"

Full screen recommended.
Dan, iAllegedly 6/10/22:
"All The Data Shows That The Economy Is Collapsing"
"Regardless of where you are in the world you cannot deny the economic data. Everything is pointing to major problems. The latest inflation numbers prove that the economy is collapsing."
Reader Comments:
Todd Smith: "Thanks Dan. You sir are 100% correct, the economy is indeed collapsing. I remember 2008 quite well and am also 100% convinced that this is going to become FAR worse. This is just the beginning. Just wait until real estate, both commercial and residential, begins to collapse. This will be followed by millions being laid-off. The markets are already sinking fast. By next winter, when food shortages really kick in, I fully expect to see chaos. Napoleon Bonaparte said it best over 200 yrs ago: "Empty stomachs riot!" That is exactly what we are going to see around the world including the US. I keep telling people to stock up now as best they can while they still can do so. By the end of the year, imo, all HELL is going to break loose. All the best to you from the mountains of Central PA."

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