Friday, April 8, 2022

"Terrible News...SHTF For The Middle Class, Prepare For Economic Collapse"

Ron Yates, PM 4/8/22:
"Terrible News...SHTF For The Middle Class, 
Prepare For Economic Collapse"
"Will SSI get a fourth stimulus check? Is there a release date on the 4th stimulus check update today 2022? Today I’ve got much more to cover in this video, like: the $200 monthly increase in social security raise, SSI, SSDI, VA, survivor benefit, and railroad benefit. I’ll be updating you on where we stand today on the Social Security $200 per month boost for SSI raise, SSDI, and really good news regarding COLA today in this video! We will discuss mortgage forbearance, relief and mortgage forgiveness. $2500 student financial aid."

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