Thursday, April 7, 2022

"20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core"

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"20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food 
Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core"
by Epic Economist

"A global food shortage of catastrophic proportions has already begun, and things are only going to get worse from this point on. The information we’re about to expose might be hard to digest, but we would like to encourage you to share this message with everyone you care for so that people can prepare for what is coming. Everybody deserves to know what is truly going on, and they deserve an opportunity to get ready before this crisis gets out of control. The pace at which things are changing all over the world right now is extremely alarming, but somehow many people still believe life will just continue to carry on as it normally does. Sadly, the truth is that a very real planetary emergency is unfolding right before our eyes, and we must act before it’s too late. The President of the United States has openly admitted that extensive food shortages are “going to be real”, and his officials are concerned about the prospect of a hunger crisis. On the same note, the CEO of BlackRock alerted that this generation is about to experience hardships to get food supplies that they’ve never faced in their lives.

On top of that, one Oklahoma farmer has alerted that Americans are about to be shocked by soaring grocery prices. All of his farmer operations are costing a lot more, and that will have a direct impact on consumers. “We’re getting hit on every front on every expense possible, from fertilizer to fuel to labor insurance to our packing supplies, and everything in between. We operate a small farm in Oklahoma, and one hundred percent of our sales are farm-to-home delivery. We drive all across the state, and the fuel costs are really painful for us. I would say our increases are roughly 25 to 30 percent, and I think that that will soon be reflected at the grocery stores,” Farmer Ben Riensche recently said in an interview. “If you’re upset that gas is up a dollar or two a gallon, wait until your grocery bill is up $1,000.00 a month, and it might not just manifest itself in terms of price. It could be quantity as well. Empty Shelf syndrome may be starting,” Riensche highlighted.

Over the past few years, numerous experts and economists came forward to warn that this was going to happen if precautions weren’t taken. Our leaders largely ignored those forecasts, and now this is where we are. Conditions are accelerating much faster than we can keep track. That’s why it is so important to share this message with as many people as possible because this crisis is going to affect everyone. We’re going to witness the worst food shortages in our lifetime, and we must act now given that things are getting worse with each passing day. An absolutely horrifying global food crisis is already upon us, and hundreds of millions of people are going to suffer as a result, so make sure you are not one of them. Stockpile food while you still can because supplies will start flying off the shelves at record speed in the coming weeks and months. In this video, we compiled facts that reveal the humongous proportion of the global food crisis."

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