Wednesday, March 2, 2022

"The Economic Suicide Of The West Is Now Under Way"

"The Economic Suicide Of The West Is Now Under Way"
by Mike Adams

"Today's urgent Situation Update podcast (see below) connects the dots and reveals why the West's economic sanctions against Russia have actually set into motion a series of events which will inevitably lead to the end of the dollar and the collapse of America as we know it.

By goading the West into severe economic sanctions and banking de-platforming, America just fell for Putin's tactical genius and unleashed a series of events that will inevitably spell the demise of the dollar and the collapse of America.

There is now a global rush away from the dollar and dollar-based control systems such as SWIFT. It's almost as if Biden and western nations were actually trying to detonate the dollar and bring it to its knees, ending the 75 years of dollar dominance in one grand suicidal leap off a cliff."
Please view the complete, critically important, article here:

Listen to today’s Situation Update podcast for even more details, including practical things you can do to beat inflation, stock up without spending a fortune, and prepare to survive the near-certain collapse of America: Podcast:

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