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"Putin Deserves the Nobel Prize"

"Putin Deserves the Nobel Prize"
by Brian Maher

"Today we may discombobulate and astound you. We may even enrage you. That is because we nominate demon Vladimir Putin for the distinguished Nobel Prize - in medicine. That is correct. Vladimir Putin should be awarded the distinguished Nobel Prize in medicine. Are we out of our wits? After all…He has turned the Hippocratic oath upon its head — and done vast harms. He has laid violent hands upon his neighbors, slaying thousands. He is the consecrated enemy of all civilized men and all civilized nations.

We dispute not one word of it. As we thundered earlier this week: Ukrainian blood - and Russian blood - will forever stain the fellow’s hands. He can never rinse it away. We nonetheless nominate this hellcat for the Nobel Prize in medicine. Again, why?

Here is the answer: The coronavirus has menaced us for two years. We have endured vicious home imprisonments, grave economic privations, government ruthlessness and all species of associated miseries. None of it has leashed the virus. Nor have the vaccines - which is now obvious to any with eyes able to see and willing to see.

Now comes along the Russian berserker… Within the space of days, he has scotched the virus and put it to rout. He has liberated us at last from this hell-sent scourge.

Economist Mr. Martin Armstrong: "The joke running around is that Putin should be nominated for the 2022 Nobel Prize in medicine for he cured COVID-19 in 48 hours – something nobody else has been able to do in three years. Just hours before Biden’s State of the Union, he rescinded the mask requirement. So just hours before, you would get COVID if you did not have a mask. Thanks to Putin, suddenly Congress could actually meet without masks. That is something nobody else could have done in a matter of hours."

We agree. And our applause reaches astonishing decibels, deafening decibels. And so we nominate him… without reservation… for the Nobel Prize in medicine. Or rather, we throw in with his nomination — we are not the first to nominate him.

The august Nobel selection committee will cite Mr. Putin for his “extraordinary efforts to end pandemic of COVID-19”:
To the official statement we might fix an addendum: “Thanks to these extraordinary efforts to end the pandemic of COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci will finally go away.” And so we speak our piece on behalf of Mr. Vladimir Putin. We are forever in his debt. The fellow deserves every last cent of the $1 million check a Nobel Prize winner receives… even if United States sanctions prevent him from cashing it…

Below, James Howard Kunstler has more - much more. As usual, James gives it with the bark off. Read on."
"Putin to the Rescue!"
by James Howard Kunstler

"Say what you will about Russia’s Cleanup-in-Aisle-Four operation in Ukraine. It sure changed the subject from the murderous COVID-19 madness - cooked up by political therapists who have all the answers for our salvation - to the hard realities of power politics. And at just the right time, too, as ever more hard data leaks through the bastions of captured corporate media to morally indict the criminal public health establishment and their elected enablers throughout Western Civ.

In other words, the whole COVID story was falling apart. Though the CDC and the FDA were hiding and fudging all their numbers as best they could, the insurance actuaries and the humble morticians had no such inhibitions about reporting an upsurge in strange deaths. Whistles were blowing over the botched Pfizer approval trials. The world was beginning to grok how dishonest, deadly and sinister the whole COVID caper really was - from the engineered origins of the disease to the lethal mechanisms of the “vaccines” -  when it became necessary to divert the world’s attention.

Plus, the oaf Justin Trudeau badly tipped his hand on the West’s tilt into tyranny… and American truckers were revving up their convoys… someone, please, do something! Get Russia back in the center ring! And so the floundering establishment activated the still-potent workings of mass formation to fire up what looked like Act 1 of World War III. Forgive me for saying what I will about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The U.S. authorities wanted it. They set it up nakedly by replaying the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse, and they refused to negotiate in good faith as to their using Ukraine as a forward base for NATO on Russia’s border. The Russians couldn’t have been plainer about their intentions. They’ve been telling the U.S. to keep Ukraine neutral for over a decade, to not outfit the place for military shenanigans.

What part of that did America not understand? Every part, apparently - and on purpose. It raises the question, of course, as to whether we actually have an interest in that faraway land. I think the answer is: not hardly, except as a utensil of control and antagonism against Russia. As to the people of Ukraine, let’s be honest: We put them in harm’s way, and then we cried crocodile tears over them - most mawkishly in the increasingly bizarre ritual we call the State of the Union message. All those yellow-and-blue lapel pins and fashion accessories. What pathetic pretense.

Who in the U.S. government, from our founding in 1789 to 1991 - while Ukraine was part of Russia in one way or another - gave a passing thought to Ukraine? Answer: nobody. And then, after the crack-up of the USSR, Ukraine was “in play.” It all culminated in the 2014 CIA-sponsored “color revolution” that ousted then-president Viktor Yanukovych, who was inclined to join Russia’s Eurasian Customs Union of trade relations rather than the U.S.-wished-for NATO or EU.

And ever since then it has been one American intrigue after another - including a brisk trade in grift and bribery by the Biden family, the Clinton syndicate, the next gen of Kerrys and other entitled elites from over here selling their influence.

And now the economic sanctions on Russia, which are sure to blow back on the countries issuing them. Europe has to pretend that it doesn’t need Russian oil and gas, that it doesn’t need cheap uranium to run their nuke power plants, that it doesn’t need the Baikonur Cosmodrome to launch their satellites and so on.

More likely, these moves will accelerate the collapse of Western Civ’s banking system and stock and bond markets and erode the U.S. dollar’s role as the global reserve currency - a long-standing “exorbitant privilege” for getting stuff from all over the world in exchange for promises to pay some Tuesday in the distant future.

The reader may ask: Why does this blog appear to take Russia’s side in the current conflict against the U.S. and our supposed allies? Answer: Why would you trust a government (ours) and its captive news media after years of their blatant lying and tyrannical overreach? These parties appear to be at war against their own people, that is, against us - certainly more than Russia is. Especially in the historic moment when all our mendacious “narratives” are being exposed as false? Russian collusion? Indictments underway and more to follow? COVID-19?

A mega-crime of mass homicide spawned by a matrix of pharmaceutical racketeers, corrupt government officials and accomplice news organizations? Stolen elections? Don’t, for Gawd’s sake, even try looking at the slime trail of evidence. I won’t bother listing the many transgressions of Wokery against our culture and history. And all of a sudden, it appears a lot of American citizens have had enough of being deceived. I’m with them.

Now consider this: What if it turns out that Russia can complete its Cleanup-in-Aisle-Four operation relatively quickly, with a minimized loss of life and damage to the everyday infrastructure of Ukraine, and arrange things there afterward so that Ukraine is not a menace to anyone, either Russia or the West?

I sincerely believe this is their intention - just as I sincerely believe that their leadership is actually sane, and ours appears not to be. Perhaps Russia will even offer Ukraine (or its rearranged regions) assistance in recovering from the foolishness it played along with to its own sorrow? What if Russia actually has no intention of starting World War III? Will we keep trying to start it anyway?

Whoever is behind “Joe Biden” has done all they can to derail American Life, and the feckless leadership of Euroland has also seemed avid to trash its future. There is a welling movement, in America, at least, to resist all that, to sweep these degenerates out of power and make a concerted course correction in the direction of sanity, rectitude, liberty and generosity of spirit toward each other.

An awful lot of trouble has already been set in motion by the idiots running things. There is a difficult slog ahead. Is your head screwed on? Where will you stand?"

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