Thursday, February 24, 2022

"Putin Does Not Mess Around… Damage Video From Ukraine"

"Putin Does Not Mess Around… Damage Video From Ukraine"
by IWB
🇺🇦⚡️Nikolayev airport in Kherson after Russian strikes.
- OSINT UKRAINE (@OSINT_Ukraine) February 24, 2022

WATCH: Missile hits airport in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
- BNO News (@BNONews) February 24, 2022

Aftermath of Russian strike on air defence installations near Mariupol
- Russians With Attitude (@RWApodcast) February 24, 2022
"Latest Development on Russia's Attack
 on Ukraine And Reports From Kiev"
"Tanks roll in from Belarus, airports and sea ports seized
 by Russian troops, military targets obliterated with precision missile strikes."
by Mike Adams

(Natural News) "We are getting word directly from sources in Kiev that the Russian assault on Ukraine was carried out with “surprising” scale and coordination. Most Ukrainian citizens were taken completely by surprise, which is why many were not prepared with sufficient fuel to flee Kiev. Putin’s forces invaded from 3 directions, with tanks rolling into Ukraine from Belarus on the North, followed by paratroopers and amphibious assaults on Odessa and Mariupol. Ground forces moved in from Crimea to the south, and into the Donbass region on the southeast tip of Ukraine, bordering Russia.

US Sen. Marco Rubio describes the developments as follows:
 establishing air superiority via targeted surgical strikes.
 a pincer movement to trap Ukrainian forces in the east & cut them off from #Kyiv.
● finally attempt to decapitate Ukrainian govt by targeting govt buildings,leaders & command & control systems.

Map of Russian missile strikes against Ukrainian targets. All military airports are apparently destroyed
— Dmitri Alperovitch (@DAlperovitch) February 24, 2022

Putin’s plan appears to be the full decapitation of the Ukrainian government in Kiev: "It now appears likely that Putin is planning on occupying Kiev and toppling the current Ukrainian government, which Putin describes as a “Nazi” regime. It is noteworthy that the political leadership of Ukraine has been heavily “in bed” with the Clintons and the Bidens over the years, fully engaged in money laundering, bribery and corruption. Then again, that seems to be present in every nation, since nearly all governments of the world are evil and destructive. There is no innocent government, though there are many innocent civilians who want nothing to do with all this violence."
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