Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Greg Hunter, "No Shooting War in Ukraine – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts"

"No Shooting War in Ukraine – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts"
By Greg Hunter’s

"Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, says the problems in Ukraine have been boiling for 8 years. Millions of Russian people were supposed to be protected in Eastern Ukraine under the so-called Minsk Agreement. It was supposed to stop the fighting, but the fighting never stopped. Now, Russia has recognized the breakaway regions and has a deal to protect the Russian people there. PCR explains, “Putin said we have to give them some kind of semi-autonomy. Let them have their own police in that area so they won’t be persecuted by the Ukrainian majority. Putin worked out this agreement, and Ukraine signed it. Germany and France guaranteed it, and the breakaway republics signed it, but we (U.S.) prevented Ukraine from complying with it. The minute Russian troops moved in, the shelling stopped. It completely stopped, and it won’t start back.”

The non-stop propaganda by the mainstream media (MSM) makes people think we are at the brink of war with Russia. The Obama/Biden Administration is clearly pushing for war in the region, but PCR says “no way” and goes on to explain, “How are we going to fight them? NATO in a battle with Russia would not last five minutes. I am just talking about conventional war. NATO cannot mobilize sufficient military force to confront Russia. They just don’t have it. The force isn’t there, and Russia does not want Ukraine. Ukraine is bankrupt. It’s full of neo-Nazis, it’s trouble. There is a propaganda war going on, but there is not going to be a shooting war over Ukraine. Something really stupid would have to happen to cause that.”

What is stupid are the sanctions that are piling up on Russia that will only hurt the already financially troubled West. For example, according to PCR, “The German Chancellor says I am going to punish the Germans by turning off the pipeline because Russia recognized Donbass. It makes no sense. Why is he punishing Germans? Their energy prices go up. The banks who financed it fail. What if Putin says you don’t need that pipeline, we will turn off this other pipeline too. What happens in Europe? They are dependent on this energy. People will freeze to death in the winter. The factories will close down. The German Chancellor is an idiot. He’s punishing Germans, not Russians.”

PCR says inflation is high but not because of massive money printing by the Fed. Inflation is rising because of the extreme CV19 policies. PCR explains, “What’s the cause of the inflation? The lockdowns are the cause of the inflation and the stupid Covid policies. The lockdowns are the source of inflation. Why? They busted up all the supply chains. They stopped production. Production ceased. Factories closed. Restaurants closed. Everything closed. People lost their jobs. The Governor of California banned half of the American trucking fleet from entering California. People lost their jobs but got a government check instead. The money did not decline, but supply did. So, prices went up, and that’s why we have inflation.”

PCR says look for the Fed to make yet another policy mistake that will wreck the economy. PCR says, “Most people don’t understand the Fed is not there to help the economy. It’s there to help the New York banks. The Fed has never served the economy or the people. It’s always made policy mistakes, and it was a Fed policy mistake that caused the Great Depression.”

Join Greg Hunter on Rumble as he goes One-on-One with award-winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 2.22.22 (There is much more in the 50 min. interview.)

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