Thursday, September 16, 2021

"Lies at the Speed of Light"

"Lies at the Speed of Light"
by Freed Radical

"Chapter 1,984: A conversation overheard by a park bench on the mall in Washington, D.C.

“Thanks for meeting me on short notice. Our team has some questions with all that’s going on. We need to touch base to make sure we are on the same track. I did not want to do this over the phone, especially since we are not even supposed to know each other.”

“No problem. First, judging from the reports I have received, your crew is right on target and doing good for the effort. I apologize for not showing you more of the big picture, but things have been moving so fast.

Let me give you an update. Our plan is progressing well. The vaccination push has about half the population submitting. I know, the media says 60% or 70%, but that’s just the inflated numbers we are feeding them. Half of those have received the placebo and have no side effects, other than giving their lives over to us and thinking they are protected against our virus. The ones who got the various experimental formulations are right on track as well, with the expected number of miscarriages, heart problems, and deaths. Anybody putting out truth about these things gets immediately censored and ridiculed, and we have an office full of news and social media monitors in Arlington working 24/7. We are ready when the infertility phase starts, with numerous waves of disinformation, including blaming the unvaccinated. Nobody is suspecting that the new operating system for the human body is hosting a spontaneous abortion app. Maybe a few researchers, but they were quickly silenced.

Demonization of the unsubmissive is also going well. Social media is playing a huge part, and we are not even having to coach the CEO nerds much. It’s as if they believe our lies, too, which makes this all easy. Labeling free thinkers as domestic terrorists has moved the ball way down field. Blaming the vaccine poisoning hospitalizations on them has worked well, too. This dumbing down of education over the last 50 years is really paying off. People will believe anything they see on their phones.”

“That’s encouraging. Thanks for closing the loop for me. On our side, we have been pumping the employer vax mandate through back channels, and have received only positive feedback from business. We estimate that within weeks 80% of the unvaxxed population will be under pressure by their employers to get the shot. Even if the courts strike down the mandate, that will take months, and millions more will have taken the vaccine just to stay employed.”

“And the ones who get fired will be on unemployment. We get their submission either way."

“The courts have been a great strategic tool, and even when we lose, we win. Our law school infiltration team has been a great investment over the last century."

“We are also working back channels with some major grocers on implementing a vax mandate to buy food. Expect an EO on that, too. Speaking of pressure, how is Operation Terror Bait going?”

“Very well, indeed! These right wing crazies are eating it up. With every pronouncement from President Air Head the forum chatter of molon labe, shooting threats, and acute lead poisoning snark increases. We have infiltrators fanning flames on every major comment board on the planet, with two or three arguing several sides for division’s sake. We’ve discovered one of the best tools of division is theology."

“These Trumpers are red lining at 500psi and are ready to explode. When one of them cracks, then ten of them will. And then we’ll have smooth sailing for total gun confiscation. We are pushing for this to happen before the welfare state collapses, and are accelerating it to the best of our ability. You guys just need to keep the welfare payments flowing until the right wing has been eliminated. Then we can work on the useless eaters."

“These bitter clingers are so easy to jack up. With every new phase of our plan, each new restriction and right lost, they express fresh outrage, and respond with blistering blog posts! Do none of them suspect that our end game is not their subjection, but their death? The only problem we are seeing is some of the wing nuts are building community, off the communications grid, and we cannot track them. But we think there are too few to make a difference.”

“Good, good. 10-4 on all that. We are writing every executive order with more and more radical, conservative-targeted policies. If we can get just a few of them to break, we’ll be golden. We have some false flags in reserve, and some informants that we are gas lighting. It’s a piece of cake to pour fuel on the flames of these conservative cults. They enjoy being enraged. The indefinite detention for the Jan 6 protesters is working like a charm to dampen any real resistance as well.”

"We’ve been pushing conspiracy theory demonization widely on mainstream outlets. It’s so easy to get people to stop thinking, with only a frown from somebody they don’t even know. But I must admit I’m a bit worried about Biden’s optics. The guy is so out to lunch it’s laughable. My plants in the media are telling me their colleagues are having reservations, it’s such a comedy show. I’m having to feed them some scraps of meat to keep them engaged.”

“I know, but optics are the least of our worries. You have to ask who is viewing the optics. It’s a bunch of public school educated morons who lap up every lie we tell. Look at the man on the street interviews. Most people have no idea who Biden is, much less what gaffes came out of his mouth last week. It’s only the slightly smarter media types, the ones who think they are smart at least, that we have to manage. The population is a pile of dupes."

“Don’t sweat the optics. Just stay the course and this will all work out as planned.”

“Okay. I’ll pass that on to the troops. I did get some raised eyebrows about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and they are wondering how we will spin the hostages that remain.”

“That was not a botched anything. All went according to plan. Right now thousands of older loyal US military people are planning their exit, and after that we can replace them with more public school graduates who’ll do anything we tell them to. I just love the Ritalin generation.

We have a media blackout on the hostage situation. There are actually more than a thousand, many more, but we’ll have no Jimmy Carter 2.0. Each of those people is a pawn to allow us to control the Taliban savages. They think they have us on a string, but they are the ones all tied up. We’re strangling Islam just like Christianity, with porn and pedophilia. And of course we have withdrawn nothing, we just left some gear behind for them to kill each other. We have many informants in their ranks, and contractors on the ground, and our opium revenue stream is untouched.”

“Not sure how I can dress it up for my people, but I’ll figure out something. How’s the succession plan coming along?”

“All the pieces are falling into place. Kamala is being insufferably cackly. Could be the next Hillary if she developed some cankles. She thinks she’s in line for the big chair. These politicians are idiots. They think they run the show. She’ll be lucky to walk out of this in one piece. And Fauci. I can’t be rid of that moron too soon.”

“What about the Constitutional objections? I know we don’t care about the Constitution, but it seems that might be a rallying point.”

“That’s why we have to get the right wingers to overplay their hand and end up in camps or mass graves first. No high school graduate knows anything about any Constitution. College graduates think it’s worthless anyway. The destruction of free thought is one of those last pieces, also falling into place. Once the succession is complete – and who cares who sits in the big chair? – we’ll have a blank slate to rewrite the Constitution, which is merely symbolic at this point. The new document will be a candy store of freebies for all who submit, at least until they are dead.”

“Last time we talked you mentioned another bug coming out of the labs. Any progress on that?”

“Oh yes! The next one will not be so virulent, but it will cause a lot of gross bleeding and pain, and is nearly always fatal, after a few days of intense suffering. We’re shooting videos of test subjects now, black people, to nip the vaccine opt-out we are seeing today. We want to be right out in front with footage of the new pandemic. These sheep are going to be begging for masks. They’ll lick our boots for whatever ‘vaccine’ we give them. Not as many people will die, but the fear factor will be 100x of covid, and it will look like the masks and lock downs are working miracles. I hope your people don’t have weak stomachs because this bug is a real flesh eater. We have some other bugs in reserve if they are needed.”

“Nice. When’s that starting?”

“We’re going to work the covid variant schtick for a while, to play it for several rounds of boosters, of various types and purposes. With the doctors on our side, withholding actual cures and preventatives, and funneling patients onto killer ventilators, we can get some traction for another year or two at least. The new bug will be deployed sooner if we get any resistance on the change of government. Nobody’s gonna care about a piece of parchment when their spouse’s flesh is sloughing off. But it’s all still in flux.”

“When you first recruited me – what was that, ten years ago? – we talked about the changes this country needed to go through to kill all this capitalism and freedom. I was on board 100%, but seeing it happen now, it’s just surreal. I turn on the television and see a story that our group brainstormed just 12 hour prior. When your group targets a pol for takedown, we can make it happen in a week, tops. A little tweak of a social media algorithm, and you know we have logins direct to their servers… we can make a king or destroy a prince, in minutes. Our offshore cyber teams can target any system, company, or government for immediate action, 24 hours a day. We don’t ever use the word warrant any more. We just do what needs to be done. And our unlimited budget is a dream come true."

“These politicians are so stupid. They know we can hoover up the contents of their phones at any time. But they have not figured out that we can also deposit incriminating evidence on their phones at any time. It will be nice to be rid of this election sham, and the glad handing, drooling politicians with it.”

“Yes, it’s an amazing time we live in. Our philosophical forefathers would have never guessed it would be so easy to manipulate the masses. Lies at the speed of light. That’s what it is.”

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