Saturday, February 13, 2021

"Double-Diapered Meltdown, Almost"

"Double-Diapered Meltdown, Almost"
by Eric Peters

"Here’s proof that mass resistance works. A large number of sane people gathered socially – and sans the Holy Rag – to watch the Super Bowl and participate in normal life, by not manifesting hypochondriacal terror of sickness. This afflicted a reporter from CNN to such a degree that she double-diapered while moaning about the mass refusal to participate in mass insanity. “Fears Grow of a Superspreader Event,” the cutline read.

Well, too bad about your fears, Freak. We’re going to live.

This is how we restore normalcy. By making it effectively impossible for these sickness psychotics to impose their psychosis. It is very hard to forcibly Diaper thousands or even hundreds of people – or even 100 of them. Twenty might be sufficient. A group that large goes into a store – or goes for a walk. It is hard to for a store to deal with that many, as it could get ugly – for the store. Also for the armed government workers the stores sic on the Unholy. Six of them vs. 20 of us is dicier than six of them on one of us.

Mass resistance is happening – though the acolytes of the Faith are doing their best to suppress coverage of it and to shame those who partake of it (e.g., characterizing them as “superspreaders” – though this is losing its punch, too since previous “superspreader” gatherings haven’t lived up to their billing because not enough or even any people have been dying).

So, enjoy – and consider joining. Show your face – and if need be, get in the face of the Faceless. Let them wear their double diapers over their quivery lips – and we’ll be glad to let them. But let’s stop letting them tell us to wear the loathsome things – in numbers!"
"Doctor Admits Masks Don’t Work: “All Viruses Can Get Through”
by Adan Salazar

"A medical doctor’s lecture explaining face masks aren’t effective at blocking viruses has gone viral. In the message, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Richard Urso, admits masks block little if any microscopic virus particles, contrary to what mainline health experts have been telling the public. "When I wear a mask, which is not very often fortunately, this is why." Video:
- Jeff Nelson (@vegsource) January 29, 2021

“We know what works - these don’t work against viruses. Regular masks don’t work. That’s simply what it is,” Urso explains. “It has nothing to do with Covid. Covid doesn’t even factor into the equation, because for years we’ve been looking at these issues.”

The Texas-based ophthalmologist goes on to explain there are more protective methods which would be more effective, but the N-95 masks recommended to the public still allow virus particles to pass. “So, they have these spacesuits, they’re called ‘PAPRs,’ they’re incredibly effective, they filter viruses down to .01. Basically we have materials like N-99, N-100, but N-95… only five percent of airborne particles can get through, but all viruses can get through period. Do they all get through? No, it’s just like a chainlink fence. When you throw sand at a chainlink fence not all the sand gets through.

So, I think the best example I can say is the reason we wear masks and the reason I wear a mask is because the fear is so massive in this country. I wear a mask so people don’t think I don’t care about them, but I don’t wear a mask because they work.”

Dr. Urso’s message is spreading as NIAID Director Anthony Fauci has once again flip-flopped on masks, at first claiming last week that it was “common sense” to wear two, or even up to three masks. Over the weekend, however, Dr. Fauci claimed there was “no data” to indicate that wearing two masks “would make a difference.” Fauci on double masking: “There’s no data that indicates that that is going to make a difference” Video:
- Eli Klein (@TheEliKlein) January 31, 2021
Dr. Urso interview, Dec. 30, 2020.

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