Thursday, January 21, 2021

"Be Ready For Global Currency Reset And Central Bank Digital Currencies"

by Epic Economist,
"Be Ready For Global Currency Reset 
And Central Bank Digital Currencies"

"The global health crisis has impacted millions of lives and caused unprecedented damages to the economy of several countries, but it also brought to light a series of social and financial issues that were previously overlooked. In view of the unsustainability of the current financial model as well as the growing social upheaval in the face of the enormous inequality gap - which has been further expanded by the crisis -, economists, central bankers, politicians, and globalists have been treating the health crisis as a perfect opportunity to start the global currency reset.

Evidently, the reset will not come without huge consequences for the entire world population, including increased surveillance and dominance over our lives, greater dependence on governments, and according to some analysts, this elites' masterplan is just a delusional idea that will prompt people to grant some of their freedoms in exchange for a "greener economic plan" that will never be effectively put into practice. Meanwhile, the wealthy will find the perfect cue to pursue their infinite money fantasy by making Modern Monetary Theory policies permanent. That's why, in this video, we are going to expose how these changes will affect all of our lives, and discuss how we are already inevitably diving into the establishment's plan of widespread monitoring, endless money printing, and the creation of digital identities.

Recently, a new hot topic amongst world leaders and central bankers is how the sanitary outbreak has highlighted the need for a major change in the global financial and economic system. Central bank digital currencies are being developed by numerous countries but, of course, politicians and policymakers are justifying their creation as the next "obvious move" to make in a society where technology is taking over. 

By making extraordinary policies permanent, such as the limitless issuance of printed money, world governments are essentially making us more reliant on their financial "support" while they put the economy and financial markets in a huge bubble. Leaders are setting the stage for a financial catastrophe that will give us no choice but to accept their "help". In the United States, the Federal Reserve has already announced plans to launch a digital currency so that they could deposit UBI in digital wallets for all Americans. It sounds good in theory, but how would you feel knowing that cash will essentially have no more value and that federal agencies can track, block, and tax all of your virtual money transactions?

Considering that pretty much everything that is done in Wall Street offices is already digital, this transition is expected to happen smoothly. But, on the other hand, this will certainly trigger more job losses and accelerate the commercial real estate collapse. Meanwhile, with traveling stalling and remote working expanding, we're about to experience an irreversible transformation in the job market. Conversely, as more and more employees will be working from home, employers won't have to hire local workers. Instead, they will be able to employ highly qualified workers from places where wages are considerably lower, such as China and India. 

The U.S. middle class has already undergone unparalleled financial setbacks during the current recession, with millions of previously well-off families falling right into poverty in a timespan of months. The measures put in place to avoid the total meltdown of the country and to allegedly aid the American citizens have immersed this group in more debt, and amid a tragic outlook for the economy and the job market, debt canceling will sound like a practical option. However, what seems to be a debt reset to repair some of the damages caused by reckless government policies, is actually a plan to expand government power and suppressing liberty through enhanced surveillance state via real-time tracking worldwide. 

Initially, the introduction of such measures will be conceived as a response to the health crisis, but the creation of a digital identity that includes contact tracing and immunity passports are means to an end. They can sell us the idea of the formation of a new system that would improve the livelihoods of millions, but on the flip side of the coin, they will also guarantee access to private information that could be used by authoritarian governments to profile and police citizen behavior. And one thing we clearly learned about fascism from past crises is that it's better not to ever count on authorities not to abuse their power because they will if they can. So beware of the Great Reset, because just as all the other elites' plots, it's not as good as it sounds and, this time, it’s not only our finances but our freedoms that are on the line."

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