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"Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 1: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?" (Excerpt)

"Puppet Masters of the Pandemic.
 Part 1: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?" (Excerpt)
by Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

Highlights from the Transcript (part I): The transcript has not been edited as carefully as I could for grammatical mistakes, with some clarifications and reduction in unnecessary text - so hopefully it isn’t too cringe worthy. - RWM

Excerpt: "Veronika Kyrylenko: Hi everyone. This is Veronica Kyrylenko with the New American magazine. We're in Madison Virginia, where we're hosted by Dr. Robert Malone, a brilliant scientist and the original inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, turned freedom fighter and a fearless troublemaker, taking on the deep state now.

Dr. Malone, just as the memory of COVID was beginning to fade from the public minds, like a haunting nightmare with occasional reminders caused by painfully slow congressional hearings regarding the Bethesda Boys and their knowledge timeline, you sir, inadvertently dropped a nuclear truth bomb. You aimed not at the regular usual suspects like the NIH technocrats that were practically caught red-handed in Wuhan. You sir, aimed not at the DOD that had its own shady dealings and business with the Wuhan lab.

Now, Dr. Malone, you aimed at Langley. While speaking with Steve Bannon last week, you said quoting your sources from inside the CIA, "Clearly the United States intelligence community was at the heart of this whole COVID crisis, working together with the CCP throughout this entire affair."
Full Part I of this article is here:
"Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. 
Part 2: What Did The CIA Do in Wuhan?" (Excerpt)
Part 2 of an interview with the New American Magazine
by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Excerpt: "From Part I - the interview left off with the big question of who is the puppet master? What's behind all this propaganda and control over the past three years? I spoke of different theories that people had put out there, and ended with the beginning of the hypothesis that the CIA may in fact be that controlling element. Part II picks up the thesis there.

From Part I: Dr. Robert Malone: We <Bret Weinstein, Steve Kirsch and myself> talked about emergent phenomena, that this might just be the consequence of simultaneous things happening and separate actors acting on their own initiatives, and the result would be a vector sum of things (controlling the propaganda and globalized governmental policies). I've never felt comfortable with that as an explanation for why we would see this amazing harmonization of propaganda, censorship, messaging strategies, technical strategies like the purchasing of influencers, et cetera, globally.

Then, a colleague ... a close colleague of mine who actually employs a former director of the CIA were discussing who is the puppet master? What's behind all this? We had a discussion in which he related a conversation with his employee (former DCIA) regarding the global power and reach of the CIA, in which the former DCIA concluded that the CIA was currently the most powerful organization in the world, perhaps the most powerful global organization in human history. This is one of those things I haven't wanted to believe…"
Full Part II of this article is here:

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