Tuesday, March 28, 2023

"Douglas Macgregor: 'Russia Is Wiping Them Out, This Is It'"

Red Pilled TV, PM 3/28/23
"Douglas Macgregor:
 'Russia Is Wiping Them Out, This Is It'"
"Douglas Macgregor is back on the show to talk about the war in Ukraine. Macgregor gives his assessment of where things stand on the ground. They talk about the astounding casualty numbers and the horrifying nature of the battle over Bakhmut. Macgregor then gives some predictions for the next stages of the war. They talk about the rising tension with China. They agree there is no need to go to war with China but discuss what may explain the sudden attention shift towards Beijing. Lastly, they talk about the effects of cronyism in the weapons industry and the probability of a nuclear war."
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