Friday, September 30, 2022

"20 Ways To Prepare For The Upcoming Food Shortages"

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"20 Ways To Prepare For The Upcoming Food Shortages"
by Epic Economist

"At this point, we all know that food shortages are coming, and with each passing day, more industry executives are warning about upcoming price increases and supply chain hiccups that may keep grocery shelves empty this winter. Some of you may not remember, but in May, even the federal government said that "food shortages are going to be real," and some major humanitarian organizations are sounding the alarm about famines of biblical proportions and other disasters that are hitting our crops, and meat production capacity. The stage is set for a turbulent 2023 for our food supply chains. But we still have the opportunity to get ready before the chaos begins. That's why in today's video, we compiled several tips that may help you to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Whenever you go to the store to stock up on items you might need, instead of grabbing as many as you want and stripping bare grocery shelves, get two of the same product. One to consume in the short-term, and another one to go straight to your pantry. For instance, let’s say you need a peanut butter jar, then you buy two containers, eat the first, and put the second in storage. After the first one is over, you go to the store again and buy two more. In that way, you can start to build up your stockpile without spending your entire food budget all at once or even going into debt to afford the products that you need. It’s also important to only store products you’ll actually consume, otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money. And don’t forget to use the item that is getting closer to the expiration date first.

If growing your own food is something you don’t want or cannot do, another great option that will allow you to have a better sense of food security is buying locally. A large share of the food supplies we eat and consume on a daily basis comes from large corporations and a handful of farmers and ranchers with extensive operations. The problem is that if one single disruption hits any step of their processes, we might see some inventory holes at our local stores. And if those problems last for a few days or even weeks, we’ll be vulnerable to experiencing prolonged shortages. That’s why supporting local small farmers is something we all should do. Their crops are usually more diverse, they use fewer pesticides, and you’ll be able to get seasonal fresh food right from the source.

Having a reliable supply of gas, fuels, medicines, cleaning products, self-defense tools, and building supplies is also essential to get prepared. Although you might ask why you’ll need all of those things for food shortages, the truth is that during challenging times you can barter some of the supplies you stocked up for the food you may need later on, or even use some of those tools to provide someone a service that can be paid with something else you might want. Scarcity oftentimes leads people to panic buy, which may create shortages of other goods too. So make sure you have a reliable stockpile of other critical products as well.

The window of opportunity to make preparations for the imminent food shortages is rapidly closing. Now it is time to start planning and acting if we want to be able to weather the perfect storm of events that is forming as we speak. We documented in several videos many pieces of evidence that show that the situation is getting stedily worse. So stock up while you can, because things will get even crazier as we move towards the end of the year."
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