Saturday, July 9, 2022

Greg Hunter, "Weekly News Wrap-Up 7/8/22"

"Weekly News Wrap-Up 7/8/22"
Guidestones Blown Up, Vax Deaths Blow Up, Economy Blows Up
By Greg Hunter’s

"I was praying to God for a win or a sign we are headed in the right direction in our fight with the satanic God-hating, Deep State globalists. The next day, the infamous and evil Georgia Guidestones were blown up and torn down by sunset. Inscribed on the huge 30,000 pound stones were the evil goals of the globalists such as “maintaining humanity under 500 million people.” Of course, the creepy globalists survive, and almost everyone else has to die for their dark, Godless world without Jesus Christ. Boy, did the globalists have a hot cup of coffee thrown in their faces. My question is: Did they get so freaked out they just tore down the Guidestones because they want to go back under the radar of “We the People” and lower their evil profile? Too late!!

Every week, there are more vax deaths and injuries, and nobody ever asks, “Were they vaxed?” What caused the death or injury? It’s always “unexpected” or a “mystery,” or “no cause of death revealed.” Actor James Caan is yet another Hollywood icon that has “mysteriously” died. No cancer, no foul play, no drugs. Caan just died - poof. Oh well. They say things like “He was a great guy” and “He will be missed.” This is how these “mysterious, unexpected” deaths are reported. How much longer can this go on before people see this “mysterious” trend is linked to the CV19 bioweapons they passed off as lifesaving “vaccines”? It’s not going to get better - only worse. Brace yourselves, and be kind to the vaxed.

The economy is tanking by any metric you would like to use. Mortgage applications have plunged. 8 million people are behind paying their rent, and vehicle delinquencies are spiking. Gas prices are still in record territory as is inflation. Staff is quitting the Biden/Obama Administration in droves, and it’s going to get much worse if we keep pushing for war against Russia. There is no peace in sight, and no one will even mention the word PEACE. The words they like are “war” and “more weapons” concerning Ukraine. Maybe this is why, according to a new poll, 88% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction - Ya think?"

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Dr. Perrie Kory, Founder of Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance, who is also a top lung doctor, Covid and CV19 vaccine injury expert, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post. There are dark powers in the medical community who want to shut him and other brave doctors up. Dr. Kory is fighting back big-time. He will tell you what is going on to silence the truth about the deadly CV19 bioweapons.

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