Thursday, March 17, 2022

Gregory Mannarino, "Crude Surges Higher... The Dollar Nosedives... And Stocks Gain"

Gregory Mannarino, PM 3/17/22:
"Crude Surges Higher... The Dollar Nosedives... And Stocks Gain"
"It was risk on again today, as stocks shook off their early losses and rally back into the green and went out near the highs. The SP and NDX are approaching the level of their latest failed rallies. This could provide a good test of bullies new resolve to buy. Gold and silver were higher. The Dollar and the VIX both fell on the risk appetite for equities. Quad witching option expiration tomorrow.

Every day we read and hear fresh stories of how the Russian military is experiencing disaster after disaster in the Ukraine. Their generals are dropping like flies, soldiers are abandoning their equipment and surrendering in tears. Every day it seems as though Russia is on the verge of admitting defeat and surrendering. And the Ukraine goes from victory to victory, triumph to triumph.

Just like the economy. One can only wonder.

Have a pleasant evening."

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